Monthly Recurring Gifts

You may arrange for a recurring gift payment with your bank. This may be done through online banking. You’ll need to provide the amount, the frequency, the duration or time period (dates), and the payee name & address. Please use our full, legal name: University of Detroit Jesuit High School & Academy, 8400 South Cambridge, Detroit Michigan 48221 (or if data entry space is limited: U of D Jesuit High School). You should include an attention line in the mailing address (Attn: Development, not an individual's name). The bank will mail us the payments on the scheduled intervals and we will deposit them promptly upon receipt. This is usually the least costly method.

Following is the information you will need to provide to your bank:

  • Payee Name: U of D Jesuit High School
  • Checking Account Number: 42-5155-2641
  • Bank Name: PNC Bank
  • Routing Transit Number: 041000124
  • Addenda: (reason for payment: if you designate your gift, you should indicate that here)

You may also consider having your bank issue an ACH (automated clearing house) credit to our account. This is usually more costly than the first option. The funds are transferred within 1-2 business days.

A third option is a wire transfer. This is the most costly of the three options. Please let us know if this is your choice and we will provide instructions.