Make Yourself A Permanent Resident of 8400 S. Cambridge. The U of D Jesuit personalized brick program allows those who share in the school's history - whether as alumni, parents or friends - to be remembered in the plaza in front of the Atrium entrance.

Text: All text will be in the Helvetica Light font and centered as shown in the picture. The use of upper and lower case letters is permitted. Some characters may not be available. U of D Jesuit reserves the right to refuse any message in poor taste. Orders must be placed before May 1 yearly for placement this calendar year. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Kathy Schutter at

Sizes: You may choose from three sizes:

4x8 standard size brick - $250

(Maximum 3 lines with 14 spaces per line)

8x8 large brick - $500

(Maximum 6 lines with 14 spaces per line)

8x16 brick - $1000

(Maximum 6 lines with 28 spaces per line)

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