Alumni Testimonials

U of D Jesuit frequently receives messages from alumni regarding their personal experiences at "The High", testimonials to the education they received, or interactions with people, both locally and nationally, who are well aware of the school's reputation. We would like to share of the testimonials we have recently received.

Gene Fattore '74

Just thought I'd share an anecdote regarding an industry dinner I attended last night in NYC as it relates to The High:

I was a guest of an auto industry outlook hosted by one of the Wall Street's largest investment banks. At the end of the dinner meeting, I thanked the team head for the opportunity to attend the event, and explained my background at which point the senior team member informed that he was also from Detroit - but then corrected himself as being from "near Detroit, i.e. Rochester Hills", when I explained to him that I grew up in the City of Detroit before moving to the suburbs.

When I informed him that I attended The High, his eyes lit up, and he exclaimed "Oh wow, that place is doing great!" He then further explained that he attended Rochester High, but that his brother attended Brother Rice: at which I winced and opined "wrong choice". He laughed and said he was aware that The High is "killing it" in a metropolitan area that is witnessing lessor "Catholic" high school closings. I informed him of the opening of the new STEM center and he and his team were near slack-jawed to learn of it's size and facilities. These are people regularly in contact with Detroit-based corporations and they realize what an accomplishment this is for a Detroit-based private high school.

In any event, I am very proud to have been given the opportunity to attend The High and this is not the first time a Wall Street wonk has acknowledged its hallowed reputation. I encourage you to use this in any manner you may see fit to enhance your success in receiving support for UDJHS.

Michael Porter '71

My freshman year began in September, 1967. I was one of six black freshmen. Our admission doubled the black student population at UDHS.

My four years at UDHS (1967-71) were a time of monumental change for UDHS, the neighborhood, city, and the country ('67 riot, MLK and RFK assassinations, Vietnam, Nixon's election, Kent State, etc.). In the aftermath of the riot, the population of neighborhood surrounding the campus transitioned rapidly from overwhelmingly white (with a high concentration of Jews) to predominately black. The entire city suffered significant population losses, and numerous Catholic elementary schools closed.

My time at UDHS was formative and overall, very beneficial. I graduated with awareness that the world was far broader than my neighborhood, and full of opportunity.

While I didn't leave UDHS believing I had any lasting bonds with classmates, acquaintances rekindled in our 20s, 30s, and later, have blossomed into richly meaningful and valued friendships.

Tony Seabrooks '80

Regarding my experience at U of D Jesuit High School: "The High" gave me a great education. And fortunately, it was a diverse student body, which prepared me for my college work at Stanford University and the University of California at San Francisco Medical School.

To current and future students of U of D Jesuit: Work hard and study hard. If you are interested in sports do that, but don't sacrifice your academic education. Keep an open mind about your future possibilities – explore. Never forget the value of family and friendships in your life. Best wishes for all your future successes.