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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


For the 2023-2024 academic year, all U of D Jesuit students are required to bring a device to school that meets a minimum set of requirements. Academy, freshman, and transfer students will be held to this year's requirements; other students may continue using devices that meet the requirements of their first year in the program, but if purchasing a new device are asked to follow the most up-to-date requirements.

These requirements represent a minimum standard. Acceptable devices include Apple MacBooks, Windows laptops and Chromebooks. Each student must bring a device that:

•       Can run Microsoft Office 365, either in the web browser or as an app.

•       Can connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi).

•       Allow use of a microphone and a head phone jack, either through separate jacks for the microphone and headphone, a combined microphone/headphone jack, or a USB port.

•       Have a minimum battery life of five to six hours. If the device allows batteries to be swapped and the student can bring multiple charged batteries to school, that is acceptable.

In addition, every student must bring with his device:

•       A physical keyboard, either built into the device or as a separate Bluetooth keyboard.

•       A headset or earbuds. If the device doesn't include a microphone, the student must bring a microphone as well. A microphone built into the headset is a good idea.

•       A protective case or padded bag for their device. Take time to pick a good case - corner protection is important for tablets.

Every student must have broadband Internet access outside of school, either through WiFi or a physical connection, to complete homework assignments. This can be at home, in a relative's home, or in a public place such as a library or coffeeshop. Families with financial difficulties should investigate if they're eligible for the Internet Essentials program ($10/month Internet: )

When purchasing a new device for use in school, families are strongly encouraged to invest in an extended warranty and a breakage warranty.

Which Device Should I Buy?

  •     Any full featured Windows laptop (Windows 11), MacBook Air or Pro, or Microsoft Surface or Pro with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of Storage
  •    For students intending on taking Engineering, Robotics, or Technology classes, minimum recommendation
  •    16GB RAM + 500GB Solid State Drive with a NVIDIA or AMD discrete/separate graphics processor
  •     If a purchase is required, what device best fits in the family budget?


Minimum Specifications




Apple MacBook


• Must meet minimum specifications for all devices

• Familiar operating system for many families

• Battery life on newest models is very good


• Watch battery life

Microsoft Windows Laptop


• Must meet minimum specifications for all devices

• Recommend 8GB of Ram

• Large pool of applications

• Familiar operating system


• Watch battery life

Don’t forget your ▢ Device Case, Headset, and ▢ Keyboard. If your device comes with a keyboard, you do not need to purchase another one.


BYOD Frequently Asked Questions