Student Absence Form

Reporting Attendance

U of D Jesuit expects every student to be present for every scheduled class. An absence from school for whatever reason does not excuse a student from the obligation and responsibility of his ordinary class work, nor does it relieve him of homework. In the event of an absence from school, the following procedure must be followed in order to receive an excused absence:


A parent or guardian may report an attendance event by filling out the form below, or call the Student Affairs Office [(313) 927-2366] or E-mail the office ( prior to 10 a.m. on the day of the absence to report the student will not be in school. An email or voice message must include
  • Student's first and last name
  • Current Grade
  • Parent's first and last name
  • Phone number where parent may be reached
  • Reason for Absence


Immediately upon return to school, the student must present a note, written and signed by the parent or guardian, indicating the reason for his absence. A note from the doctor or dentist office is required if the student had an appointment. The note should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office before the student returns to class.

Forging a parent or guardian’s signature on a note or other communication, altering a note or communication in any way, or making or having someone else make a phone call to the school in which the caller falsely claims to be a parent or guardian is illegal and dishonest. Moreover, notes giving false reasons for absences or requests to be off campus are also dishonest. Students incur disciplinary consequences for any and all of the above.