Inscape, the literary-art magazine of the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, is an annual publication that displays the work of the school’s talented artists and writers. Inscape offers a chance for all passionate students in grades 7 – 12 to express themselves through poetry, short stories, art, and photography. The magazine is a platform for the diverse student body to share their unique inner nature in a way that allows voices to be heard as part of a safe and accepting community in the school. Readers of Inscape are exposed to high-quality pieces of literature and art that share new perspectives and inspire creativity.

Contact Information
Moderator: Mr. Alexander Davidson
2018-19 Senior Editors: Kameron Bloye, Nicholas Blum, Nathan Lichwalla, Peter Loch, Reed Michelini


2018-19 Call for Submissions

Submissions for publication are accepted during the first semester of every academic school year and can be uploaded to the Inscape activity group page online or through the link below. We accept poetry, short stories, art, and photography from current 7th - 12th grade U of D Jesuit students. Students are eligible to submit general writing and art, themed writing and art, or both.

General Writing and Art Submissions
Inscape allows submissions of the following types of writing for publication consideration: poetry, short stories, essays, articles, personal reflections, etc.
Inscape allows submissions of the following types of art for publication consideration: drawing, painting, photography, files (pictures) of other mediums, and more.

Contest: Themed Writing and Art Submissions
This year, Inscape is offering a chance to become a featured artist or writer by submitting work specifically dedicated to that issue's theme. This year's theme is TIME/CHANGE. Submit your themed photography, art, short story or poem for your chance to get selected as a featured contributor in the spring publication.

Click HERE to learn more about submitting your art for a chance to become this year's cover!

2019 Inscape Launch Party - March 29, 2019 (5:00 - 7:00 PM)

Inscape is turning 25! Come join us in U of D Jesuit's Curley Lobby on Friday, March 29 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM to celebrate the release of the 2018-19 issue of our literary magazine and Inscape's 25 years of publishing the writing and art of passionate and creative Cubs. Current families and alumni are welcome to attend, check out some amazing art, and enjoy an open mic for students to read their poetry and prose.

All published students and current magazine staff will receive one copy of the magazine for free. Additional copies can be be pre-ordered for $20 donations. Alumni can pre-order copies with donations as well.

For additional information, please contact the moderator Mr. Alexander Davidson '06 at

RSVP - Inscape Launch Party

Current and Past Issues

Click on each year's edition to view an electronic version of the magazine.

Inscape, 2018 Issue

Senior Editors: Calvin Adam, Anthony Campana, Jack Condit, Grant Gardella, Benjamin Gaynier, John Hurley
First Place with Special Merit Award, American Scholastic Press Association
Outstanding Cover, American Scholastic Press Association
Outstanding Poem, "Looking Past the Mirror" by Jonas Padilla ('19), American Scholastic Press Association

Inscape, 2017 Issue

Senior Editors: Ryan Cullen, Maxim Denomme, Brendan Hogan, Ian Kennedy, Matthew Lujan
First Place with Special Merit Award, American Scholastic Press Association
Outstanding Art Award, "Granada" by Nicholas Pez ('17), Best Watercolor, American Scholastic Press Association
Outstanding Artist Award, Nicholas Pez, American Scholastic Press Association
"Excellent" ranking, National Council of Teachers of English’s Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines

Inscape, 2016 Issue

Senior Editors: Michael Donovan, John Downey, Thomas Lennon, Xavier McCormick, Joshua Piepszowski
Second Place Award, American Scholastic Press Association's annual contest and review
"Excellent" ranking, National Council of Teachers of English’s Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines

Inscape, 2015 Issue

Senior Editors: Kiernan Bloye, Jack Bodien, Charlie Bonser, Antonio Pecci, Jake Zelinski

Inscape, 2014 Issue

Senior Editors: Charlie Bolton, Kevin Hurley, Jonathan Mazur, Joshua Speak, Michael Wallace

Senior Editor: Matthew LoPrete

Inscape, 2012 Issue

Double Issue (2010-2011, 2011-2012)

Inscape, 2010 Issue

Missing: Do you have a copy? Please email

Inscape, 2009 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Peter Sliwa

Inscape, 2008 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Sam Robinson

Inscape, 2007 Issue

Missing: Do you have a copy? Please email

Inscape, 2006 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Davidson

Inscape, 2005 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Grant Griglak

Inscape, 2004 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Nathan Sarmento

Inscape, 2003 Issue

Editor-in-King: Kyle Koerber

Inscape, 2002 Issue

Chief Editor: Matt McNeil

Inscape, 2001 Issue

Editor: Ini Udo-Inyang

Inscape, 2000 Issue

Editors: Tom Feeney, Kyle Pine, GJ Roc

Inscape, 1999 Issue

Editor: Dave Zohrob

Inscape, 1998 Issue

Editor: Graham Atkin

Inscape, 1997 Issue

Missing: Do you have a copy? Please email

Inscape, 1996 Issue

Missing: Do you have a copy? Please email

Inscape, Winter 1995 Issue

Editors: PJ Jacokes, Chris Davidson, Sean Murphy

Inscape, Fall 1994 Issue

Editors: PJ Jacokes, Chris Davidson, Sean Murphy

Inscape, Fall 1993 Issue

Editors: Tony Cracchiola, Geoff Aldridge

Contests and Events

Short Story Contest (Theme: The Mysteries of Harris Burdick)

Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick provides highly detailed illustrations and few words. It challenges the reader to solve each mystery. Children in classrooms all over the world have tried to solve these mysteries through creative writing exercises. Stephen King’s short story “The House on Maple Street” is inspired by one of the illustrations. It also inspired inspired a play in 1999 at the Bailiwick Arts Theatre in Chicago.

Contest: Choose one (1) of the following combinations of title, image, and tagline in order to create an original Burdick-inspired story. The story must be based on the title and image, and the story must include the tagline somewhere in the text of your story. Each story must not exceed 1,500 words.

Click here to see the the 14 story options

2018 WINNER: "Under the Rug" by Grady Cate ('22)
2018 RUNNERS-UP: "Another Place, Another Time" by David Nolan ('19); "The Harp" by Austin Lincoln ('22)

Toiletry Drive for the Ladies of Charity

Each spring, Inscape coordinates a toiletry drive in grade-level homerooms to collect travel-sized toiletries for the Ladies of Charity. The Ladies of Charity is the oldest Catholic laywoman's organization in the world. Ladies of Charity seek every opportunity to make Christ present in our world by serving the material and spiritual needs of those they meet in daily living. They use the travel-sized toiletries to help meet the needs of those less fortunate and the armed forces.

Scary Story Contest
These are the most recent winners and runners-up of the previous years' Scary Story Contest.

2017 WINNER: "U.H.F. (Ultra High Frequency)" by Thomas Worden ('18)
2017 RUNNER-UP: "The Tree of Life" by Jackson Stachelek ('18)
2016 WINNER: "The Cow" by Jackson Stachelek ('18)
2016 RUNNER-UP: "Old State"
2015 WINNER: "The Ice Cream Man" by Jackson Stachelek ('18)
2015 RUNNER-UP: "The Void" by Nicholas Pez ('17)

Become a Staff Member

Inscape accepts applications for any available open positions on the editorial staff. Please download the application form from the myUofDJesuit group page (found under "Topics" and "Become a Staff Member") and follow the directions on the form for submission.

Applications will be reviewed by senior editors and the moderator.

Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are due on Friday, September 7. Notifications on acceptance or denial for a position will be available on Monday, September 10. The first staff meeting for those accepted will be Thursday, September 13.

Supporting Inscape

A student literary magazine like Inscape provides students with a voice as well as an audience for their writing and art. With your support, Inscape will be able to provide that opportunity to more students in the U of D Jesuit community. Each year, all issues are printed with the assistance of Student Senate funding and contributions from the magazine's avid readers, and each issue is given to the school community entirely free of charge. However, printing is not an inexpensive venture. Your support means that Inscape can afford to celebrate as much student work as possible in its pages and that magazines can be passed out to an even wider audience for all to appreciate the amazingly talented writers and artists here at The High.

Be sure your gift is designated to Inscape by saying so in the optional comment box.