Counseling Services

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling has a strong emphasis at U of D Jesuit High School and Academy. Over and above the more external academic and career counseling, every student knows that he has someone who is attending to his personal needs on a consistent basis. Counselors initiate contact with students throughout the year and students may schedule appointments anytime.

Academic Counseling
Every counselor has access to academic information for his counselees. Students receive guidance on Course Selection, Honors and AP classes.

Leadership Recognition and Enrichment Opportunities
The school counselors coordinate leadership opportunities for students: Michigan Youth Leadership, as well as, recognition programs such as Detroit Rotary Club Youth Citizen Program and the Optimist Club Youth Appreciation awards.

Career Guidance
Individually counselors discuss academic and career aspirations with their students and coach them on how to use the many fine college and career resources available to them through the counseling department using the Naviance Program, school counseling website and in the counseling center office.

College Guidance
Abundant opportunities are provided the students to help them make the best choice of a college or university. This includes a testing program....PSAT for Sophomores & Juniors; Pre-ACT for Freshmen & Sophomores going through the SAT and ACT. During the junior year students begin the college application process with the College Counseling Department.

Conflict Resolution
Through conflict resolution, counselors listen objectively to student concerns to help them learn valuable problem solving skills.

Support Groups
Members of the counseling staff facilitate support groups for students who have experienced the death of a parent or someone close Mr. Jim Hassett, or who come from families of divorce Mr. Rick Bennetts. These groups meet weekly during the school day usually in the 2nd Semester. Other groups are convened as needed.

In addition to extra help a student may receive from a teacher or the Learning Center, the Counseling Department also runs its own tutoring program. Students in academic need are tutored by fellow students. Mr. Rick Bennetts coordinates this service.