Transportation Guidelines

The guidelines listed below will assist us to insure that anyone who travels on the bus is safe during their ride to and from school. The bus driver will ask for student ID cards and report any misconduct to the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs. The Assistant Principal will take corrective disciplinary steps that will range from verbal warnings to exclusion from the transportation program. If a student is suspended or excluded from the transportation program, there will not be any monetary refund for unused time that is remaining for the school year. One-way passes are only good for the current school year. One-way passes are non-refundable and non-returnable.

  1. Students entering the bus must show a current UDJ ID card and bus pass, either a Semester Pass or a One Way Pass. (Lost One Way passes will not be replaced. Lost semester passes may be replaced for a charge of $5.)
  2. Students must follow the directions of the bus driver.
  3. Students must use quiet voices at all times on the bus – no profanity should be used.
  4. No eating or drinking on the bus.
  5. All students must remain in their seats unless entering or exiting the bus.
  6. Students must walk in a single file line when entering or exiting the bus. No tripping of other students entering or exiting the bus will be tolerated.
  7. Students must keep all body parts and objects inside the bus at all times.
  8. No objects shall be thrown inside or out of the bus.
  9. No inappropriate gestures should be made, including at persons outside the bus.
  10. Any conduct that is not listed above that jeopardizes the safety of other students, the driver, or is in violation of the Student Handbook will be reported to the appropriate administrator.
  11. Parents are responsible for picking up students if they miss the bus at any pick-up or drop off location.