School Messenger

SchoolMessenger is a communication tool that will enable U of D Jesuit to notify you via Voice, Text, or E-mail messages. This will be used primarily for unexpected events such as: school closure due to inclement weather, last minute changes to a school event, or school emergencies or lock downs.

For those of you who are new to the school we have pre-loaded parent / student contact information you have associated with your school records into SchoolMessenger.
Cell phone numbers are set for text (after you opt-in to allow) and voice messages, Home numbers are set for voice messages if there is no cell number in our files.

SchoolMessenger and the TCPA
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. 227) provides certain protections of your wishes with respect to receiving non-emergency phone calls. While schools enjoy exemptions from some of these protections, the preference configurations within SchoolMessenger InfoCenter allow you to set your consent state ("yes" or "no") for each phone number associated with your account. With the exception of emergency calls, any phone set to "no" for its consent state will not receive calls from SchoolMessenger. Emergency calls are one of the exemptions from TCPA Consent requirements; any phone configured to receive calls for emergencies will not be affected by the consent state.

Visit the SchoolMessenger InfoCenter website link below to create an account and to opt-in to receive text messaging from the school on any preferred cell phones.

SchoolMessenger InfoCenter

InfoCenter allows you to personalize communications from U of D Jesuit.
To create an account to edit your preferences visit: SchoolMessenger InfoCenter

To learn more about what InfoCenter is visit here and to learn how to use the site once you create an account visit here

Note: You must use the email address that is on file with U of D Jesuit when creating your account. Contact the U of D Jesuit Help Desk at (313) 927-2358 or Help Desk if you are unsure which email to use while registering.

InfoCenter allows the ability to view and listen to messages from U of D Jesuit, add, delete and verify your contact information, and personalize how you receive these school communications. InfoCenter centralizes these communications in a unified inbox where you may access the contents of emails as well as voice and text messages. With flexible preference controls, most kinds of communication can be configured to be accessed exclusively via InfoCenter without disrupting phones or regular email.

If you have questions please contact the U of D Jesuit Help Desk at (313) 927-2358 or Help Desk
School Messenger