Emergency Management

Another way in which our school has been proactive in taking steps to insure our communitys safety has been through the development of a Emergency Management Manual. In this manual we address guidelines and procedures of how we will respond in the event of an emergency. An emergency can be defined as a tragic event that can quickly escalate into a school-wide catastrophe if not addressed immediately and effectively. A copy of the manual is available on line for faculty and staff. Drills are practiced throughout the school year to insure everyone is trained on the proper procedures to follow in the event a emergency situation occurs.

Some of the areas covered in the Manual are:

  • Emergency phone number lists,
  • Bomb threats,
  • Utility interruptions,
  • Chemical spills,
  • Intruder in the building,
  • Weapon in the building.

Additionally, the manual contains check-off list, follow-up procedures, and evacuation sites. We feel confident that in the event of an emergency, we are prepared to deal with it effectively and have the tools in place to provide sufficient follow-up care. If you have any questions regarding the plan, please contact either the Security Department at (313) 862-5400, extension 2340, or the Student Affairs Officer at extension 2366.