Crime Prevention

The prevention of crime is a primary goal of the Security Department. To achieve this goal, we are proactive in our steps to minimize and eliminate these types of incidents from occurring. We also recognize that the Security Department cannot accomplish this goal alone. Therefore we invite every student, parent, faculty and staff member to assist us in achieving this goal. The following emphasizes the necessity for your involvement.

In every aspect of our daily lives, there are steps we can take to minimize our exposure to being the victim of crime. For a crime to occur, three elements need to be present:

  • Desire
  • Ability
  • Opportunity

We have little or no control over the first two. Whether a person has the desire or ability to commit a crime is their decision. However, we have significant control over opportunity. Using your instinct, common sense, and action greatly reduces the opportunity for a criminal act to occur. Properly securing personal property, driving defensively, and watching out for one another, are a few ways that the opportunity for crime is reduced.

If you have any question as to how you might better do any of these things, the Security Department is available to assist you. Our phone number is (313) 862-5400, extension 2340.