Campus Safety

U of D Jesuit Campus Safety Office: (313) 862-5400, extension 2340

In keeping with the mission of the school, the goal of the Campus Safety team is to prevent loss and reduce risk by:

  • Gathering information,
  • Controlling access
  • Maintaining order and,
  • Protecting person and property from crime and disorder

Personnel will:

  • Be highly visible and uniformed,
  • Enforce all rules and regulations of the school,
  • Protect against loss from fire and equipment failure,
  • Prevent and investigate violations of law occurring on school property.

Crime Prevention, Emergency Management and Protecting God's Children are of primary concern to the Campus Safety team. Please follow the links to learn how you can help us to reduce risk at U of D Jesuit.

U of D Jesuit Campus Safety Team

Ronald Loch
Director of Campus Safety

Talitha Green
Assistant Director of Campus Safety

Terry Mills
Security Officer

Darrel Foster
Security Officer

Christina Smith
Security Officer