The myUofDJesuit portal provides access to a wealth of resources to improve the high school experience of our students and parents. myUofDJesuit includes student schedules, faculty-staff directories, school calendars, athletic game and practice calendars and many more resources. Click the button below to login to myUofDJesuit.


Bookstore - U of D Jesuit uses the services of Follett Virtual Campus to supply the textbook needs of our students.

Cub Corner - The place to go for spirit wear.

Employment Opportunities - U of D Jesuit is an equal opportunity employer.

FACTS - Your portal to the U of D Jesuit Business Office

Library - Need a resource

Security - Serving our school to provide a safe environment for learning.

Transportation - Information about our transportation services, bus routes and schedules.


Cub News - U of D Jesuit's school newspaper.

Highlights - An Alumni publication issued quarterly.

Highlights is the official magazine of University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy. It is published twice a year. Highlights is available on this page as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. The Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer in order to view the file once you have downloaded it. Download speeds depend on your connection speed, files are large so please be patient. If you have any alumni updates, class notes, birth announcements, or weddings, please email us at We will make sure to include your wonderful news in the next issue of Highlights.


U of D Jesuit uses appropriate technology to support the school's educational mission, allowing us to provide the highest quality of Jesuit college preparatory education in southeast Michigan.

U of D Jesuit classrooms are 21st Century learning centers with computers, high speed Internet connections, LCD projectors, and electronic whiteboards. Our faculty has a full set of tools for expanding their classrooms to the on-line environment. In addition, U of D Jesuit has a full featured language lab to assist students in mastering foreign language skills; a media center equipped with computers and multimedia tools; a learning center with educational support software; and additional computer lab space for computer courses and classroom use.

The U of D Jesuit Technology Department is dedicated to insuring our students, faculty and staff have the necessary technology tools and training. With the support of the school administration we are able to provide a technology environment that best supports the ability of our students to learn and our faculty to teach. In addition, the Technology Department works with the school’s staff to deliver the highest level of service to students, parents, alumni and applicants.