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After their sons graduate from U of D Jesuit, alumni mothers can’t imagine walking away from all the amazing women they’ve met and called friends during their sons' high school years. Nor do alumni moms want to stop their support for such a great school. The U of D Jesuit Alumni Mothers’ Club (AMC) was established more than 28 years ago. Every year, the Alumni Mothers’ Club welcomes moms from the most recent graduating class. Members of the AMC range from moms whose sons graduated decades ago to moms whose sons recently matriculated from U of D Jesuit. They are a diverse, supportive, and a welcoming community.​

The Alumni Mothers’ Club mission is to be a service and social organization. They sponsor activities to bring U of D Jesuit alumni mothers together to maintain a strong community as they continue building camaraderie, fellowship, friendships, and connections. The Alumni Mothers' Club strives to enhance the alumni support and connection to The High.

One of the best ways for a mom to stay connected to the U of D Jesuit community is to become a member of the Alumni Mothers’ Club and participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. As a member you’ll receive a monthly email detailing upcoming events, plus you’ll receive the Annual Membership Directory.

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September – May: Ongoing collections for U of D Jesuit Labre Ministry AND Johnson Recreation Center
September 24 Alumni Moms' Mass & Breakfast
October 21  Johnson Rec Center Tour and lunch at restaurant
November 11  Church Tour
February 24  Activity TBD
March 8  Lenten Retreat
March 10  Mothers' Club Fashion Show
TBD  Annual Gift-Gathering Party

2023-24 Events

Inspired by the life of Mary Lackamp, the Board of the Alumni Mothers' Club has established the Women for Others Scholarship.

You can transform a student's life by making a gift in honor of your mother or another "woman for others." We will let the person or their family know you are honoring them by sending a special card depicting the Rose Window in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs. 

Women for Others Scholarship