Senior Service

One of the dynamic features of Jesuit Education is its attempt to help students translate the Gospel message to love one another into action by being of service to those in need. To this end, U of D Jesuit High School has developed its Senior Service program. The school believes that in "giving of oneself" the student does more than just help others. By opening himself up to the needs of his fellow man, the student challenges himself by facing realities that may once have seemed too distant to garner his attention. The challenge is to find, receive and give love among our society's most vulnerable. Through this challenge Senior Service aims to open the student's mind and heart to God's love. The school has made a commitment to release seniors from class on Wednesday mornings throughout the school year to be of service to the metropolitan community. This program is an effort to convey to the seniors the reality that their education is not only for themselves but for others as well.

Senior Service Sites

Seniors serve in more than 50 agencies, schools and hospitals in the metropolitan Detroit community. They serve as tutors, mentors, hospice volunteers and in other service capacities. The sites are updated each academic year. Parents and students can find the full listing of sites by logging in to MyUofDJesuit (mUDJ).

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of parents' most frequently asked questions about Senior Service.