Holistic Approach to Diversity & Inclusion


Office of Diversity & Inclusion Goals

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s goal is to integrate diversity and inclusiveness at the core of the institution through programming, policy and collaboration. ODI’s goals are grounded in the realization that one cannot build a foundation of collaboration while focusing on differences between contributors. Instead, the foundation must be built on the shared aspirations, commitments and surmountable challenges of all.  The impact and benefit of making such connection in the current educational environment will be beneficial to all students, staff and teachers in the institutions common pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

The six key elements of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion action plan is:

  1. Programming
  2. Administration Collaboration
  3. Faculty & Staff Professional Development
  4. Hiring Initiatives
  5. Alumni & Community Outreach
  6. Admissions & Retention Initiatives