Diversity & Inclusion Council

U of D Jesuit Mission

University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy is committed to providing the highest quality Jesuit Catholic college preparatory education for young men throughout metropolitan Detroit. University of Detroit Jesuit, in collaboration with parents, will challenge its students to go beyond academic excellence, to be reflective, to be committed to the service of faith and promotion of justice, and to be “Men for Others.”

U of D Jesuit Identity

U of D Jesuit is part of a 472 year-old tradition of Jesuit educational excellence.  The Jesuits, officially known as the Society of Jesus, are a Roman Catholic order of priests and brothers founded in 1540 by the soldier-turned-mystic Ignatius Loyola.

It’s been said that Jesuit schools don’t have a mission, rather the Jesuit mission has schools.  Our Jesuit mission inspires us to seek to find God in all things. We dedicate ourselves to the greater glory of God and the good of all humanity.  Therefore, U of D Jesuit works to be collaborative, welcoming, and to amplify God’s glory in all of our students, alumni, parents, and neighbors. 

Academic excellence is a byproduct of Jesuit education.  Through prayer and reflection, U of D Jesuit academics, athletics, retreat programs, and co-curricular activities encourage students to embody the five characteristic virtues of Jesuit education: loving, committed to justice, religious, open to growth, and academically competence.  These Christ-centered virtues empower U of D Jesuit alumni to use their knowledge and talents to meet the worlds’ needs.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion Goal

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s goal is to integrate diversity and inclusiveness at the core of the institution through programming, policy and collaboration. The office's aims are grounded in the realization that one cannot build a foundation of collaboration while focusing on differences between contributors. Instead, the foundation must be built on the shared aspirations, commitments and surmountable challenges of all.  The impact and benefit of making such connection in the current educational environment will be beneficial to all students, staff and teachers in the institutions common pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

The Council

  • Kyle Chandler, Assistant Principal, Student Affairs
  • Garrett Donato, College Counselor
  • Darrin Flowers, Assistant Principal, Jesuit Academy
  • Joseph Gall, Director, Campus Ministry
  • Nick Kocsis, Athletic Director
  • Denise Williams Mallett, Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Chair
  • Timothy Monck, Dept. Chair & Faculty, Social Studies
  • Amy Ong, Dean of Student Activities and Student Senate Moderator
  • Blair Ramsey, Assistant Director, Admissions & Retention Coordinator
  • Kimberly Redigan, Theology Teacher and JustPeace Moderator
  • Nick Rennpage, Director, Adult Formation and Mission Integration
  • Sharon Toles, College Counselor
  • Nathan Waldo, College Counselor


The Council’s Charge

In keeping with the U of D Jesuit Office of Diversity & Inclusion goal to “integrate diversity and inclusiveness at the core of the institution through programming, policy and collaboration”. The Council of Diversity & Inclusion will provide a collaborative and advisory role in sharing information across academic and non-academic units, making recommendation, supporting the overarching strategies and goals of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and raising the awareness of the U of D Jesuit diversity and inclusion efforts.


The Council’s Goals

  1. Provide a collective and coherent voice and serve as a resource for all stakeholders on issues related to diversity and inclusion.
  2. Provide input and oversee the implementation and assessment of short and long-term strategies in response to the Community Climate Surveys.
  3. Provide input and oversee the implementation and assessment of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion goals.
  4. Support the engagement and key cultural change initiatives that further promote, enhance and improve the knowledge, skills and competence of U of D Jesuit and the community it serves.