The College Process

College Process Through the Years
The college application process is often viewed as a cumbersome and enormous task. The College Counseling Department strives to provide timely information to students throughout their high school career to best position each young man for his post-secondary plan. Each student is more than his GPA and standardized test score and our goal is to provide opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of their likes, dislikes, dreams, goals and abilities to create a post-secondary plan that aligns with each student.

College counselors work with students and families in group and classroom settings during all four years of high school. In the junior year, individual family meetings occur to assist in the college selection process. We encourage you to explore the links below and remain open to the exciting journey that is unfolding.

We encourage students and families to read the U of D Jesuit College Counseling Handbook. This guide provides information for each high school grade level and well as U of D Jesuit policy and procedures for the college search.

Programs with Additional Application Information
In addition to completing standard application materials, the following programs require additional materials or registrations:

Additional Resources

We encourage students and families to explore the links below:

College Rankings - NACAC's Report on US News and World Report Rankings

College Data 411- This is an excellent website that allows families to establish an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and then display probable net price for each school the student is researching. In addition, families can show graduation rates and first-year satisfaction as part of the results list. Use this site to conduct preliminary research and bring that list into our Family Connection/Naviance to see likilhood of acceptance based on your academic data.