A Jesuit education offers more than classroom instruction. Most students involve themselves in one or more activities after the school day ends. Students enjoy many benefits of participation in cocurriculars: greater connections with peers and faculty, newfound leadership skills, the chance to explore their personal interests at a deeper level, and the opportunity to discuss and solve problems as a team. There are over 40 clubs at U of D Jesuit, most of which are showcased in a Cocurricular Fair at the beginning of each school year.

Shell Eco Car
Shell Eco Car

Click on each activity to view its description. If an activity has an individual website, the link is provided in the description.

Arabic Club

Auto Club


Broadcasting Club

Celtic Club

Chess Club

Chinese Club

Christian Service Team

Cinematography Club

Cub Annual

Cub News

Cub Sportscast

Diversity Union

Film Club

FocusHOPE:Food Delivery


Generation of Promise

Historic Fort Wayne


International Food Club

Intramural Bowling



Latin Club

Life Club

Mock Trial

Model United Nations

Music Production

National Honor Society

Outdoor Club

Philosophical Society

Ping-Pong Club

Psychology Club

Quiz Bowl

Robotics Team

Science Club

Shell Car Eco Marathon

Spanish Club

Student Pastoral Team

Student Senate

Theatre & Stage Crew

The Arabic Club meets regularly to learn about the Arabic language and culture. The Arabic Club goes to an Arabic restaurant once a semester to taste different Arabic foods. The club is open to grades 7-12 and meets Wednesdays after school in Room 116.

Moderator: Mr. Basil Pio

The Auto Club meets regularly to reflect on one of the core values that built Detroit as a city, the automotive club takes a hands-on approach. Students perform routine maintenance tasks on a practice vehicle and learn about automotive care. They also experience the automotive spirit of Detroit through various outside of school events such as car shows and field trips.  The Auto Club meets every other Wednesday after school in the Muer Room Kitchen (Jesuit Residence).

Moderator: Mr. Byron Marquis


BASE is a service and social organization whose main objective is to create unity within the community. BASE members participate in numerous service activities in the school and in the larger community. Each February, BASE sponsors the annual BASE Convention, an open forum where delegations from five metro area high schools come together to discuss different topics affecting the African-American community.  BASE meets every other Tuesday after school.

Moderators: Mr. Kyle Chandler and Mr. Malcolm Teasdale

The Broadcasting Club is a platform for students to produce a live broadcast of the daily announcements. Students produce the broadcast and work as anchors and reporters. The club is open to grades 7-12.

Moderator: Mr. Sam Evalt

The Celtic Club celebrates the ethnic heritage of many students at U of D Jesuit. We promote awareness and enjoyment of traditional Irish and Scottish culture and music. The Celtic Club meets on a monthly basis.

Moderator: Mr.Kevin Tuite

The chess club is for any student who is an enthusiast of the game. In addition to sharing strategies and playing within the club, the group also competes in local competitions. The chess club meets on Wednesdays after school from 2:50 PM - 3:30 PM in the Art Room.

Moderator: Mr. James Sand, S J.

The Chinese Club meets every other week on Thursday afternoons. In each meeting, students discuss Chinese culture and work to improve their language skills. Students participate in Chinese Club through weekly attendance.

Moderators: Mrs. Grace Philson and Mrs. Teresa Lien

To help create "Men for Others" the Christian Service Team works with the Coordinator of Service Projects to plan service activities for the U of D Jesuit community. The traditional activities are the Focus:Hope food drive, monthly food deliveries and blood drives.  The Christian Service Team meets every Thursday morning from 7:20 - 7:50am in the Commons.  For more information, please visit the CST web site.

Moderator: Mr. Todd Wilson

The Cinematography Club fosters an appreciation of film production.  The club learns about the process of film, editing, and sound by working on video projects throughout the year.  Cinematography Club meets every Friday after school in Room 139.

Moderator: Mr. Edward Maddox

The Cub Annual is U of D Jesuit's yearbook and is a comprehensive extracurricular activity that employs a staff of student editors, photographers, artists, and writers. Students work on the yearbook throughout the school year and well into the summer. The club is open to grades 7-12.

Moderators: Mr. Nicholas Bickes

The Cub News is U of D Jesuit's school newspaper, which comes out about once a month. The staff is chosen through a competitive process at the beginning of the year. The moderator and student editor form a staff of writers, editors, and photographers who work on the paper for the entire school year. All students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to participate.

Moderator: Mr. Daniel Spilker

The Cub Sportscast serves to connect students, faculty and staff, alumni and parents to sporting events at U of D Jseuit.  Student announcers attend games and provide a live broadcast.  Click here for recent sportscasts.

Moderator: Mr. Michael Zakaria

The Diversity Union promotes unity within the school regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, orientation, political persuasion, etc. Members are responsibile for implementing and running programs for the school community, such as: National Hispanic American month, Mix-it-Up day and various other activities to promote awareness in our school. Locally, they have participated in various diversity conferences in the metro Detroit area and have sponsored a speaker on race relations. Finally, they are in touch with students from the other Jesuit high schools across the U.S. through their participation in chat rooms, national conferences and national projects. After the weekly business is taken care of, members of the club listen to one another on a variety of topics in addition to the ones listed above.  Diversity Union meets every other Wednesday after school.

Moderator: Mr. Durand Miller

For decades at U of D Jesuit, a group of students joins a group of young ladies from the Academy of the Sacred Heart on one designated Saturday a month to pack food boxes at Focus:Hope and then deliver the boxes to Focus:Hope families in the Jeffries Housing Project.  For more information, please click here.

Moderator: Mr. Todd Wilson

Welcome to the U of D Jesuit Film Club! We plan to explore film through selected genres and themes. The Film Club meets every Wednesday after school in Room 141.  Permission forms are required for attendance of any film, regardless of rating.  Forms will be available for each film as they are announced.  Access the Film Club page.

Moderator: Ms. Nancy Beckett

Members of the forensics team compete with other Detroit area schools and nationally in a number of public speaking events, including the individual interpretation of poetry and prose; the individual or team interpretation of dramatic works; extemporaneous speaking on current events; and reading historic speeches.  For additional information and schedules, please contact the club moderator.

Moderator: Mr. Alex Davidson

Focus Hope's Generation of Promise Program is a cross-school district, multi-cultural, urban/suburban student leadership development program. Participating students meet to focus on the resources, leadership, and critical issues that influence the quality of life in Metropolitan Detroit Session topics include education, volunteerism, racial/cultural diversity, economic development, and youth leadership issues.

Moderator: Mrs. Erin Chekal

The Historic Fort Wayne Club introduces Detroit history to students and assists in the preservation of Historic Fort Wayne.  This club meets seasonally.  For additional information, please contact the club moderator.

Moderator: Mr. Chris Buryta

Inscape, U of D Jesuit's literary magazine, publishes once at the end of each year. Students can partipate in two ways. Students are invited to serve on the editorial staff, which assesses submissions and edits the final publication. All students are invited to submit stories, essays, poems, and artwork through Moodle.
Moderator: Mr. Alex Davidson

The International Food Club is dedicated to the appreciation of the diversity of food and culture found throughout the Metropolitan Detroit Area. The club holds meetings at which students present their research on the food and history of various ethnic groups. The student members of the club plan outings to ethnic restaurants throughout the area.
Moderator: Mr. Paul Diehl

The purpose of U of D Jesuit's chapter of the International Thespian Society (ITS), Troupe #7301, is to promote excellence through the theater arts, primarily through the study and training in theatrical production, from acting and rehearsal to stage construction. The organization will also include a business component that is trained to manage funds and resources, such as ticket sales, tee-shirt orders, poster production, concessions during performances as well as any peripheral production matters such as managing the house or advertising. The overall mission of ITS is to create and maintain an environment for the promotion of the arts and to train students to achieve excellence for the Greater Glory of God.
Moderator: Mr. Justin Manwell

Students meet once a week after school at Royal Lanes to compete with other Catholic School Intramural teams. The season begins in October and concludes in February. Both the high school and the Academy have Intramural Bowling teams.
Moderator (High School): Mr. Christopher Buryta

During all lunch periods, U of D Jesuit sponsors organized intramural competition and open gym on various days. Students compete in a variety of sport leagues including intramural flag-football and intramural basketball. These leagues culminate in playoffs at the end of each intramural season.
Moderator: Mr. Dan Hill

JustPeace focuses on a broad range of local and global issues related to human rights, justice, peace, and community building. Through films, speakers, discussions, and activites in and out of school, members respond to the Ignatian mandate to work for justice. The club is open to grades 7-12 and meets every Tuesday after school in Room 312.
Moderator: Mrs. Kimberly Redigan

The Latin Club is open to all Latin students of U of D Jesuit. The club meets regularly to plan events in the school and for field events, such as Junior Classical League conventions. Our activities combine social and cultural/learning events. U of D Jesuit is a member of both the Michigan and National Junior Classical Leagues.
Moderator: Mr. Nicholas Young

The Life Club is a resource and place of support for students and faculty who desire to promote Cardinal Joseph's Bernardin's challenge of the consistent ethic of life.  The club meets every Thursday after school in the Chapel.
Moderators: Mr. Nicholas Rennpage and Mr. James Sand, S. J.

U of D Jesuit participates in the Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament. Students take the roles of lawyers and witnesses in the case and attempt to win the trial against teams from other schools. Each of the last three years, the team won 2 of our 3 rounds and received an Honorable Mention. In 2008, the team claimed third place in a field of 41 at the Eastern Regional and advanced to the State Tournament.
Moderator: Mr. Sam Evalt

The Music Production Club serves as an opportunity for students to learn more about music production, editing, and DJ'ing.  This club meets every Tuesday after school in the Muer Room.

Moderator: Ms. Holly Bennetts

MODEL UNITED NATIONS (MUN) organizes students into small groups, each of which represents a sovereign nation's United Nations delegation. In addition to providing an excellent opportunity to meet students from Mercy, Marian, and Sacred Heart, Model United Nations students master the valuable arts of rhetoric, oratory, and politics. Top students represent U of D Jesuit in the North American Invitational MUN tournament held in Washington D.C.
Moderator: Mr. Timothy Monck

The National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes outstanding high school students across the country. All students must demonstrate the four pillars of the society to be accepted: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Once they are admitted into NHS, students continue their commitments to service and leadership.  For more information, click here.
Moderator: Mr. John Simmons

As participants in the Outdoor Club, students take trips away from school to experience the natural environment. They hike, fish and ski together at different points throughout the year. The Outdoor Club is for anyone who enjoys spending time outside and engaging in outdoor recreation.  This club meets every Wednesday after school in Room 002.
Moderator: Mr. Dominic Coccitti-Smith

The purpose of the Philosophical Society is to provide a forum for the serious discussion of various topics in philosophy such as ethics, logic and metaphysics.  We meet every other Friday after school in Room 104.
Moderator: Mr. Edward Utter

The Ping-Pong Club is open to U of D students of all levels of competence who wish to improve their ping-pong skills and compete with others in a friendly atmosphere. The club meets on most Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Commons from 2:45 - 4:00pm.
Moderator: Dr. William Elster

The Psychology Club grows in understanding and appreciation of the mind through movies, guest speakers, and trips. Club members discuss motivation, development and other psychological issues by analyzing public figures and other characters. The club seeks to promote a love for the brain and a deeper understanding of how it works.  Psychology Club meets every other Thursday after school in Room 137.
Moderator: Mr. John Simmons

The Quiz Bowl Team will compete against other schools in Metro Detroit and elsewhere. Quiz Bowl follows the format similar to that of the T.V. show Jeopardy, where team members attempt to answer questions from literature, science, current events, sports, etc. more quickly than members of the opposing team.
Moderator: Mr. Dan Hill & Mr. Edward Roberge 

The Robotics Team at U of D Jesuit is involved in building small robots for Robofest and the FIRST competition. These endeavors inspire students to learn more about science, math and technology. For additional information and schedules, please contact the appropriate moderator.

Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Friday (Small Robotics) & Mr. Peter Guenther (FIRST Robotics)

The Science Club at U of D Jesuit is active and successful. Students in the science club enter science competitions, including The Toshiba Exploravision Competition, Science Olympiad, and US Physics Team. The Science Club meets every Tuesday at 3:00 PM in the Chemistry Room.
Moderator: Mrs. Priscilla Oshikiri

The Spanish Club celebrates and promotes Spanish culture.  Members learn about Spanish-speaking countries, watch Spanish movies, and host a variety of events, including an annual FIFA tournament and Cinco de Mayo party.  Members also provide tutoring assistance in Spanish.  The club meets every other Thursday after school in Room 202.

Moderators: Mr. Brendan Dillon

U of D Jesuit strives to incorproate a student voice in the leadership of our Campus Ministry efforts.  We have an active Student Pastoral Team that leads efforts to address the spiritual needs of our students.  Members of the team help plan school liturgies, serve at Mass, coordinate Reconciliation services, lead school prayer, promote retreats, and develop new ideas to promote the spiritugal growth of the student body.  For more information, please click here.

Moderator: Mr. Joseph Gall

The Student Senate is the voice of the students at U of D Jesuit. The Senate is in charge of raising funds for a variety of student activities and for directing a number of events. The Senate sponsors dances on a regular basis, represents student issues to the administration, and directs a variety of activities designed to promote school spirit. Its biggest endeavor is Pledge Detroit, a fundraiser that aims to demonstrate the school's commitment to the city of Detroit. The composition of the Senate includes: five officers, elected by the entire student body; Big Brothers, appointed helpers for freshmen and academy homerooms; Co-Chairs, charged with coordinating major events; and Homeroom Representatives, elected by their homeroom to serve renewable one-semester terms.

Moderator: Mr. Christopher Charboneau

The Shell Car Eco Marathon team works to design and build an energy-efficient vehicle.  In 2013, the U of D Jesuit team competed in the Shell Car Eco Marathon-Americas competition with their customized vehicle, the "Ignatian Ignition."  For additional information and schedules, please contact the club moderator.

Moderator: Mr. Michael Bindon

U of D Jesuit sponsors two productions throughout the school year: the Fall Play in November and the Spring Musical in February. These productions are open to all U of D Jesuit students and to female high school students from area high schools. Auditions are required for performers, but other students are invited to participate in a number of ways including stage crew, light crew, business crew, and orchestra.

Moderator (Fall Play): Mr.Justin Manwell

Moderator (Spring Musical): Mrs. Nancy Valentini

Producer (Spring Musical): Mrs. Holly Bennetts 

Moderator (Stage Crew): Mr. Fred Ogger

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