Learning Specialist

Learning Specialist Contact Information:

Dawn Schulte 313-862-2333 dawn.schulte@uofdjesuit.org

Learning Specialist Role at U of D Jesuit:

  • Determine student eligibility for accommodations and maintain the U of D Jesuit Accommodations List
  • Provide individual and small group instruction and academic support
  • Recommend learning strategies to meet each student's specific needs
  • Provide consultation and in-class support to teachers
  • Provide consultation to parents and administrators
  • Provide academic support to students in Arrupe Learning Center

Extended time for tests:

  • All tests will be taken in the Arrupe Learning Center. They will be administered in two parts - one part during the class period and the second part during a free period or after school.
  • Extended Time tests must be completed within one school day.
  • A student must have been added to the Accommodations List at least two weeks prior to semester exams to receive extended time on those exams.

Accommodations for the ACT and College Board Exams:

  • Please complete and return the following forms to request accommodations on the ACT and College Boards exams:

ACT Consent Form College Board Consent Form College Board Information Form for Students Seeking Accommodations ACT Information Form for Students Seeking Accommodations


Student Success Skills Packet

Accommodations and Academic Support at UDJ

Parents and Students: Login to myuofdjesuit to access details about the Arrupe Learning Center.