In light of the need for social distancing during the current pandemic, U of D Jesuit is hosting this year's recognition of our seniors' academic excellence virtually.

Each year, U of D Jesuit announces a variety of special awards honoring service, scholarship, extracurricular activities, and leadership during the Seniors Honor Night ceremony. Listed below are this year's award winners along with special video messages to the award winners.

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College Scholarship and Award Winners

Each senior was responsible for submitting his scholarship information for Honors Night to the College Counseling Office. If any award or scholarship information was not presented to the College Counseling Office, they unfortunately, are not listed here.


This year, there are 12 Valedictorians in the senior class. Each of these students has maintained all-A’s from freshman year through the fall semester of 2019.

We congratulate the following Valedictorians:

Michael Albano

Nathan Comerford

John Dahmer

Caleb Eisenbacher

John Kobrossi    

Joseph Kobrossi

David Lewis

Erik Lytle

David Mutone

Michael Polizzi

Patrick Pullis

Kagan Shetterly


Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies

The Evans Scholars Foundation is pleased and proud to announce the recipients of the Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies. The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for golf caddies and is awarded based on a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need and outstanding character.

There are two U of D Jesuit Seniors receiving the award this year:

Michael Argenta
Jonathan Paul


Basil Pio Scholarship Award

The Basil Pio Scholarship honors Mr. Basil Pio, who served U of D Jesuit for 14 years, as a beloved teacher of Algebra and Mathematics, and a mentor for the Arabic Club. The Basil Pio Scholarship award is given to a senior who plans to major in Mathematics, or a STEM related field, and has overcome a personal difficulty or challenge in his life. 

This year's recipient is:

William Crader


Fr. Karl Kiser, S.J. Book Award

The Karl J. Kiser, S.J. Book Award honors Fr. Kiser, who served U of D Jesuit for 16 years, as campus minister, as BASE moderator, and, most prominently, as President from 2002 – 2016. As president, Fr. Kiser worked tirelessly for U of D Jesuit. Anyone who worked alongside Fr. Kiser knows his primary, animating goal as president was to preach the Gospel and promote the Jesuit mission of the school. The Fr. Karl J. Kiser, S.J. Book Award goes to a member of the senior class who has shown himself to be reflective and committed to the service of faith and promotion of justice. In short, he is a Man for Others. He has led by example in his words and actions. In Fr. Kiser’s last semester at U of D Jesuit, he chose Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory for this award.

This year's recipient is:

Jonathan Paul


Spirit of Hope and Service Award

The Spirit of Hope and Service Award is given to a senior who exemplifies what it truly means to be a “Man for Others.” The recipient of this award is a student who, by his loving and compassionate example, instills hope in those he serves. He is a man who has a passion for justice and who strives to better the local community. 

This year's recipient is:

Nguyen Vo

Watch congratulations video from Mrs. Barbara Koster Rigg


Lumen Christi (Light of Christ) Award

The Lumen Christi Award is given to the senior whose presence has positively impacted the spiritual life of our school. Though his interactions with his fellow Cubs and through his witness, this senior has been an example of a life focused on faith and centered on bringing the light of Christ to others.

This year's recipient is:

Caleb Eisenbacher

Watch congratulations video from Dr. Gall


The St. Francis Xavier – Companion in Ministry Award

Recognizing the importance of St. Francis Xavier as one of the earliest companions of St. Ignatius and co-founder of the Jesuits, the St. Francis Xavier award recognizes a Senior whose has been, as the title of this award notes, a companion in Campus Ministry. This Senior has been instrumental in helping us live our mission for “God’s Greater Glory” by exhibiting leadership In the areas of retreats, liturgies, prayer, and worship.

This year's recipient is:

Jean-Luc Baudeloque

Watch congratulations video from Ms. Costello





When attending a school with a reputation of academic rigor, such as U of D Jesuit, it is vitally important our young men maintain integrity while accepting the challenges that come with being a scholar.  To that end, the following men were tasked with intervening and facilitating a thoughtful and impactful reflection whenever our students would succumb to the pressures to cheat.  Please join us in recognizing the following senior members of the Academic Integrity Intervention Team:

Alejandro Borrego

Nathan Comerford

John Dahmer

Caleb Eisenbacher

Miles Hickman

Chris Lujan

Erik Lytle

Henry Mansky

Aric Mitchell

David Mutone

James O'Leary

LaMar Price

Lawrence Price

John Schreiner

Steven  Wall

Brendan Zemke



The Labre Ministry serves the homeless population of Detroit on a weekly basis, not only by providing food and basic clothing items but also by offering conversation and fellowship.  The following seniors are the founding fathers of the Labre ministry here at U of D Jesuit.  Working alongside Mr. Piepszowski, they came together last winter to launch this new initiative at the school, and they have been faithful to the Labre ministry ever since, even coming in over vacations and summer break to continue this important work.  Through this experience, these young men have entered into life-changing relationships, not just with one another but also with the men and women they regularly meet on the street… and ultimately, with Christ who can be seen in the poor and marginalized.  At this time, we would like to recognize their commitment to this ministry and encourage them to continue to find God in all whom they meet and serve.

Alejandro Borrejo

Caleb Eisenbacher

David Mutone

Eric Lytle

Sidney Randolph *(4 years!)

Aidan Said

Nguyen Vo


Richard Hall Award

The Richard Hall Award is given in honor of an exceptional athlete from the class of 1978, Mr. Richard Hall. Richard was a gifted athlete and was nominated for the Said Rahaim Award. Richard felt unworthy of the nomination and turned it down because he felt his status as an ‘All-American’ was the driving force behind the nomination not the true meaning of the Said Rahim Award. The Richard Hall Award has been created to recognize outstanding athletic ability in the senior class. It is given annually to a senior who is recognized by the Athletic Director, the President, and the Principal as demonstrating exceptional athletic talent.

This year's recipients are:

Jack Conroy – Lacrosse & Basketball

Cooper Drouillard - Swimming

Aries Gardner - Baseball

Dorian Mausi - Football


Bridge Builder Award

The Bridge Builder Award is given annually to the senior who demonstrates a commitment to creating an inclusive place for dialogue and bridge building in the U of D Jesuit community. This student also exhibits communication and listening competencies needed to coordinate action, solve problems, foster well-being, engage in creative activity and participate in civic life. The Bridge Builder Award embodies many of the Characteristics of Jesuit Education: an openness to growth, education for justice and creating men and women for and with others that will enable them to make a commitment to service and be an agent of change.

This year's recipients are:

LaMar Price

Christopher Rivers

Watch congratulations video from Ms. Ong


Daniel Berrigan, S.J. Award

Daniel Berrigan, S.J. was a priest, poet, and peacemaker who read the signs of his times with a fire in his belly for justice, a profound commitment to the marginalized in our world, and an imagination shaped by his Jesuit formation.  While delighting in beauty, friendship, and the written word, Fr. Berrigan paid a steep price for his prophetic vocation. The Daniel Berrigan, S.J. Social Justice Award recognizes the senior who demonstrates a commitment to Gospel nonviolence grounded in faith that does justice, both in and out of school, while upholding the inherent dignity of the human person in every dimension.

This year's recipient is:

Christopher Rivers

Watch congratulations video from Mrs. Redigan


Contemplative in Action Award

Within Ignatian Spirituality, a Contemplative in Action is a person who engages closely with God over time allowing the Spirit to transform oneself into a person who is more and more like the image of God we are created to be – that is, more like Jesus. A Contemplative in Action is in touch with God and out of that relationship makes the choices and decisions of everyday living. The recipient of the Theology Department’s “Contemplative in Action Award,” while being reflective, must also be kind, thoughtful, loving, accepting, and compassionate in his interactions and service with and for others.

This year's recipients are:

  • Teodore Melnyczuk-Gould

  • Maximilian Orosz 

  • LaMar Price 

  • Steven Wall

Watch Congratulations Video for Steven Wall from Br. Boynton, S.J.

Watch Congratulations Video for Lamar Price from Mr. Thorne

Watch Congratulations Video for Teo Melnyczuk-Gould from Mr. Slaughter

Watch Congratulations Video for Max orosz from Mr. Rennpage


National School Choir Award                                    

The National Choral Award recognizes a graduating senior who has exemplified a dedication and love for his school choir, and for singing in general, throughout their high school career. This year’s winner has shown a true passion for Choir during all four years of his high school career. He has been a model student and singer throughout his time at The High, often volunteering to cantor at masses, performing in the school musicals, and leading his section in rehearsals and concerts. The members Varsity Singers vote on this award.

This year's recipient is:

William Fanelli

Watch congratulations video from Mrs. Linkous


National School Orchestra Award

The National School Orchestra Award is awarded to a graduating senior who has shown a commitment to the String Orchestra throughout his high school career. This year’s winner has been a dedicated member of the U of D Orchestra for 4 years. He is a true leader in both the orchestra and jazz band. In addition to being a truly talented musician, he is patient and serves as a mentor to his younger classmates. The members of the String Orchestra vote on this award.

This year's recipient is:

William Crader

Watch congratulations video from Mrs. Linkous


Louis Armstrong Award

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award is a national award given annually to a senior who meets the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates the highest level of musicianship within the context of Jazz.
  • Demonstrates an earnestness in studying, understanding, and honoring the origins of this distinctly American art form.
  • Demonstrates leadership as a stalwart member of his section, and acting in service to the greater good of the music and the band as a whole.
  • Exhibits both courage and humility in the face of performing this music with integrity.

This year’s winner has shown he has a true love for jazz as an art form. He has risen to the challenge of expanding his musical horizons, and has served as a dependable member of the rhythm section. He leads with his actions, and has been a great example to his peers in his tenure in the band.

This year's recipient is:

William Crader

Watch Congratulations Video from Mr. james


John Philip Sousa Award                                               

The highest honor a high school musician can receive is the John Philip Sousa Award, presented annually to a senior who exhibits the following standards of conduct:

  • Demonstrates the highest caliber of musicianship and skill.
  • Demonstrates tireless dedication to his band over the course of his high school band career.
  • Serves is fellow bandsmen through leadership, and through leadership serves his fellow bandsmen.
  • Seeks to enable and ennoble not only his own musical growth, but also the musical growth of his peers.

This year’s winner has been a model student in all of those categories, as well as living by the school motto of “Men for Others.” His band career at U of D Jesuit has been nothing short of stellar.

This year's recipient is:

Aric Mitchell

Watch Congratulations video from Mr. James


Excellence in Art Award                                        

The Excellence in Art Award goes to the senior who has gone above and beyond in creating his personal portfolio.  This year congratulations go out to Deil Fernandez.  Over the year, Deil has studied making pottery on the pottery wheel.  His work has gone from making simple bowls to creating large complicated shapes. He has also done amazing surface treatments.  His talent and efforts have earned him this award.

This year's recipient is:

Deil Fernandez

Watch Congratulations Video From Mrs. Mooney


Regional Scholastic Art Award                                     

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognizes the vision and creativity of our youth. Last year, more than 340,000 original pieces were submitted nationwide for evaluation and more than 2,700 earned nation medals. The Scholastic Award gives a student the opportunity for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarship. Various categories are adjudicated and ranked as honorable mention, silver key, and gold key. A gold key is the highest honor awarded and gives the student a chance at national recognition.​

This year's recipient is:

Maximilian Orosz​

Watch congratulations video from Ms. Rockwell


Fr. Richard G. Polakowski, S.J. Award                                     

Since 1994, the English Department at U of D Jesuit has recognized a graduating senior who has consistently displayed excellence in English, with this award given in memory of Fr. Richard G. Polakowski, S.J. For more than a quarter of a century Fr. Polakowski shared with U of D Jesuit students his love and passion for artistic expression of the human condition through language. To preserve and encourage that tradition, this year we present the award to a student who likewise respects language and always uses it as a means to lift up his fellows in mind and spirit.

This year's recipient is:

Michael Albano

Watch Congratulations Video from mr. babcock


Social Studies Award                                     

The Social Studies Department presents its annual award to a senior who has either 1) shown exceptional scholarship after taking three and a half to four years of Social Studies courses, or 2) shown outstanding civic and political participation within his communities. This year’s recipient of the award receives a certificate and a book on the early history of The High.

This year's recipient is:

Ethan Hall

Watch Congratulations Video from dr. Elster & Mr. Buchta


Media and Communications Awards                                

The Media and Communications award goes to a student who has an unbelievable future in this business of broadcast if he elects to choose it.  This year's recipient ran the Cub Broadcast with an open mind and didn’t mind coming early or staying late to film and edit pieces to get the job done. From running the broadcast, fixing technical problems, and figuring out how to bring the first ever Senate Convention to your computer screens, this senior showed a tremendous amount of caring for the final product.  He was willing to mentor the younger students, and never ever abused the privilege of being the club president.  Furthermore, he is a terrific person with the biggest heart who never wanted any attention.

2019-20 Cub Broadcast Team: Edward Harris, Elijah Johnson, Ethan Moulden-Smith, Joseph Rosinski, and Ryan Suchyta

This year's recipient of the Media and Communications Award is:

Elijah Johnson

Watch congratulations video from Ms. Estes


Cub News                              

This year, the Cub News editorial staff is made up of young men who were willing to learn new skills, investigate and find the facts to get the story right, and push the envelope to make the community aware of important stories. The staff had to make editorial decisions and distribution plans remotely using Zoom meetings and a lot of trial and error.  The staff rallied to the challenges to publish the last two editions electronically.  Publishing a school newspaper is a creative challenge requiring hours of work, many discussions of what is appropriate and what would make a good read, a commitment to detail, and a willingness to go the extra mile to get it right. This year’s staff has risen to the occasion.

Editors-in-Chief James O’Leary & Nguyen Vo

Page editors: Sidney Randolph, Lawrence Price, Michael Argenta, Michael Logan, Evan Johnson, and Aiden Tomsich.

watch congratulations video from mrs. gonzalez


Matteo Ricci, S.J. Award

The Matteo Ricci Award is given in honor of an Italian Jesuit priest, Matteo Ricci, S.J. Matteo was a missionary who brought his mathematical and astronomical knowledge to China and adapted to Chinese culture. The Matteo Ricci Award has been created to recognize outstanding Chinese language and culture knowledge in the Chinese IV class. This award is given annually to a senior who is recognized by the World Language Director, the President, and the Principal as having demonstrated exceptional efforts in learning Chinese language and culture.

This year's recipient is:

Maximilian Orosz

watch congratulations video from ms. yin


Miguel de Cervantes Award

The Miguel de Cervantes Award is given to the senior who demonstrates the highest level of academic achievement and commitment to learning the Spanish language.

This year's recipient is:

Michael Albano

Watch congratulations video from Mr. Maddox


José Rodriguéz Award

The José Rodriguéz Award is named after Joe Rodriguéz who taught Spanish for 30 years at U of D Jesuit. This award is given to the senior who demonstrates a passion for and seeks to immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture.

This year's recipient is:

William Fanelli

watch congratulations video from mr. diehl


Latin all A’s - 5 years

We honor the gentleman who has received an A average for all FIVE years of his Latin work here at U of D Jesuit.

This year's awardee is:

Edmund Moore


Latin all A’s - 4 years

We honor the following gentlemen who have received an A average for all FOUR years of their Latin work here at U of D Jesuit.​

This year's awardees are:

William Crader

Michael Polizzi

Patrick Pullis

Kagan Shetterly

Watch congratulations video from mr. young


Robotics Award

The Robocubs staff would like to recognize Zachary Jeffries with the senior robotics award. We award this to Zach for his continuing excellence in engineering as Head Electrician, for his servant leadership on the team, and for his commitment to the team’s mission of spreading STEM knowledge and awareness. Zach is a true example of a man for others, acting with gracious professionalism.

This year's recipient is:

Zachary Jeffries

watch congratulations video from ms. wood & mr. coccitti-smith


Tom Coyne Excellence in Science Award

Tom Coyne was a dedicated Science teacher who believed in going beyond the classroom.  The Tom Coyne Excellence in Science Award recognizes the senior student who for the past four years has gone beyond his classes pursuing his passion for science in his field.   

This year's recipient is:

Caleb Eisenbacher

watch congratulations video from mr. coccitti-smith


Michigan Mathematics Prize

The following seniors qualified as finalists in the 62nd annual Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition. Six-thousand students participate in part one of the competition.  The top 1,000 competitors qualify to compete in part two of the competition.  They are among the top 1,000 students from among 6,000 students in Part One of the competition. Of these finalists, Ben Stevens placed in the top 100 students and represented U of D Jesuit at the Michigan Math Prize Awards Ceremony on March 7.

The finalist are:

Nathan Comerford

Ryan Wilson

Benjamin Stevens

watch congratulations video from mr. johnson


Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Perseverance Award

The life of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus, after whom our Learning Center is named, offers a model of perseverance. From his work as a missionary in Japan during WWII even after imprisonment by the Japanese government, to challenging society’s treatment of the marginalized in his founding of the Jesuit Refugee Service, to his quiet strength and faith-filled leadership after a debilitating stroke, Fr. Arrupe remains an inspiration to all who meet obstacles on their journey.

The Fr. Pedro Arrupe Perseverance Award is given to the senior who has met and overcome academic and personal trials during his years at U of D Jesuit. He has shown persistence in the face of adversity and has done so with strength, determination, and grace. Like Fr. Arrupe, this young man is a model of perseverance.

This year's recipient is:

Timothy Harrington

watch congratulations video from MRs. Schulte


Eagle Scout Award

Eagle Scout is the highest achievement attainable in the Scouts program of the Boy Scouts of America. The Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment recognized across the country and the world. The Eagle Scout must demonstrate Scout Spirit, an ideal attitude based upon the Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project, which the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. The scout must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges. Since its inception in 1911, only six percent of Scouts have earned this rank. The Eagle Scout rank has been earned by over 2.5 million youth.

U of D Jesuit honors five seniors who have earned Eagle Scout:

Nathan Comerford - Troop 327

Caleb Eisenbacher - Troop 1094

William Fanelli - Troop 110

Maximilian Orosz - Troop 271

Steven Wall - Troop 271

For more than 100 years, the Order of the Arrow has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. The Order of the Arrow is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America and is the brotherhood of cheerful service.

We have three Eagle Scouts who are Order of the Arrow:

William Fanelli

Maximilian Orosz

Steven Wall


WXYZ-TV/Channel 7 Best and Brightest

WXYZ-TV/Channel 7 is proud to continue the tradition of recognizing academic excellence. This year is WXYZ/Channel 7’s 2020 “Brightest & Best” program, which salutes outstanding graduating high school seniors. “Brightest & Best” was created to heighten awareness of academic achievement, while providing positive role models for students.

We congratulate this year's recipient for being selected to represent U of D Jesuit for WXYZ-TV/Channel 7’s Class of 2020 Brightest and Best:

David Lewis


National Honor Society


National Merit Finalist

The National Merit Scholarship program is an annual competition for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships. Approximately 1.6 million high school students in 22,000 high schools across the United States entered the competition by taking the PSAT test during their junior year. 50,000 will be officially recognized by National Merit due to their high scores. Only 16,000 of that number nationwide are named National Merit Semifinalists and meet the requirements to advance to Finalist standing in the competition.

The following students have demonstrated high potential for academic accomplishment by distinguished performance in the National Merit Scholarship competitions and has been named a National Merit Finalist:

David Lewis

David Mutone

James O’Leary


National Merit Commended

Approximately 34,000 of the 50,000 high scorers are named National Merit Commended students. We congratulate the following gentlemen for being named National Merit Commended Students:

Michael Albano

Joseph Kobrossi

Erik Lytle

Nguyen Vo


Phi Beta Kappa


Five & Six Year Men



Miles Hickman - President

LaMar  Price II - Vice President

Kagan Shetterly - Secretary

Drake Jones - Treasurer

John Schreiner - Sergeant-at-Arms


"Go forth and set the world on fire."

Seniors, U of D Jesuit will always be your home.  Like your own home, the door is always open and you are welcome to come back and share your stories.  We look forward to your return to "The Jez" to let us know how you are doing. There will always be a smiling face and handshake to greet you—and eager anticipation to hear of your triumphs and tribulations. As St. Ignatius said, "Go forth and set the world on fire."

University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy is committed to providing the highest quality Jesuit Catholic college preparatory education for young men throughout metropolitan Detroit. University of Detroit Jesuit, in collaboration with parents, will challenge its students to go beyond academic excellence, to be reflective, to be committed to the service of faith and promotion of justice, and to be “Men for Others.”