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Jesuit Academy Curriculum



7th Grade: The course will introduce students to several components of the English language. The course will focus on a student’s ability to read analytically, write, and speak proficiently. The seventh grade English course covers traditional grammar studies including sentence diagramming and parsing, vocabulary studies with word sets for college-bound students, cursive instruction, the writing process, and a variety of writing experiences. Throughout this course, focus is continuously called to the five core Jesuit educational characteristics that will carry our students through life: Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving, and Committed to Doing Justice.

8th Grade: This class is intended to build on the required 7th grade content. Students will demonstrate the ability to provide proficient evidence of advanced reading, writing, and effective comprehension skills. Traditional grammar studies, including sentence structuring and diagramming, will result in the student’s ability to apply meaningful thoughts to the writing process. Throughout this course the five core Jesuit educational characteristics will be presented through instruction: Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving, and Committed to Doing Justice. 




7th Grade: This course will introduce literary terms, vocabulary, and the writing process. Students will learn reading comprehension and logical reasoning skills. Throughout the course, students will read and analyze various novels, short stories, poems, and literary writings.

8th Grade: At the conclusion of the course students will demonstrate the ability to accurately assess and respond to open-ended questions directly related to selected readings. Building upon the topics and events explored from the 7th grade language arts course, students will review literary terms, vocabulary, and the writing process. Students will practice reading skills through exposure to longer works of fiction and non-fiction and continued selections from the Accelerated Reader program. Students are required to read several additional novels.




Jesuit Academy students will be enrolled in one of the following based on their previous math experience and current knowledge.

7th Grade Math: This course reinforces arithmetic principles, introduces algebra skills, and works with geometric concepts. Students will enhance skills necessary to manipulate numbers and perform operations with rational numbers, decimal numbers, percentages and signed integers. Students will use algebraic symbolism, simplify expressions, and solve equations and inequalities. Students will work with ratios, proportions, probability, functions, and basic geometry concepts. Application, problem solving and critical thinking are integrated throughout the course.

8th Grade Math: This course will build a strong foundation by reteaching and reinforcing arithmetic principles, the language of algebra, and basic algebraic concepts. This course emphasizes concepts necessary to be successful in Algebra 1 the following year and introduces many concepts students will see again in Algebra 1. This course helps the student develop good mathematical study skills and learning strategies.

Algebra I: This course is the study of the language, concepts, and techniques of Algebra. The basic skills that are requisite for success in upper-level mathematics and science classes are introduced and reinforced. Concepts include simplifying and evaluating expressions, working with rational expressions and radicals, writing and solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, functions, ratios and proportions, systems of equations, monomials and polynomials, factoring, solving quadratic equations, and evaluating and solving inequalities. There is an emphasis on application of skills and techniques to solve word problems throughout the course.

Algebra II/Trigonometry: In the first semester, this course covers linear equations and inequalities; graphing; linear systems; polynomials; and higher degree equations and inequalities. During the second semester, the course covers rational expressions; radical and rational exponents; complex numbers; polynomial equations; coordinate geometry; and exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. An emphasis is placed on building a solid algebraic foundation for future math courses.




Students in 7th and 8th grades are enrolled in the Conceptual Integrated Science course.

7th Grade: Students will study Botany, Anatomy, Zoology, and microorganisms. Students are introduced to proper laboratory skills. The course includes lectures, films, demonstrations, and labs.

8th Grade: Students build upon the material covered in Grade 7. This course will introduce Earth science, Meteorology, Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics.




7th Grade World Geography: This two-semester course introduces geographic terms and the fundamental aspects of physical and human geography. Students will study the United States, Canada, Middle and South America, and the Caribbean. At the conclusion of the course students will demonstrate the ability to identify and define countries based on regional capacity, geographic characteristics, and worldly facts.

8th Grade Civics: This course is an exploration of the political and economic systems of the United States. Students will explore the U.S. government including state and local governments as well as political structures. Current events and the use of Internet resources serve as academic support components for the course and student learning.





Finding God Curriculum: Our faith is meant to be lived out in our homes, at our schools, in our jobs, and in our communities. Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts is a faith formation program that invites children and their parents into a new way of living in relationship with God, family, community, and the world. This comprehensive program provides sound doctrine, Scripture, Tradition, and prayer through experiential activities that make these essential lessons part of a lifelong practice of faith.

7th Grade: The main focus of this course is on the life of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament and celebrated throughout the Church’s liturgical year. We will “walk with Jesus,” from his Incarnation, then on to his public life, and then to his suffering, death, and resurrection. As we do so, we will learn and reflect on many of His teachings and how the Church has come to understand His significance.

Along the way, we will spend significant time reviewing basic Catholics practices, such as: Catholic forms of prayer; how Catholics read and interpret the Bible; the sacraments, especially Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist; appropriate devotion to Mary and the Saints; the Commandments, virtues, and precepts of the Church; appreciation of religious art; and Christian service (faith-in-action). In addition, the course includes “mini-sessions” on the history of our school and the founder of the Jesuits and Jesuit schools, St. Ignatius Loyola.

8th Grade: This course focuses on the mission of the Church as sent out by the Risen Christ to proclaim the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. We will examine how the Church Community has evolved over the centuries, some of its key figures and events, and its contemporary expression today. Several students will be making their Confirmation this year, and although we do not officially prepare students for the Sacrament (parishes do), we will take time to reflect on the importance of this sacrament as fully initiating the recipient into the life of the Church Community.

Along the way, we will spend significant time reviewing basic Catholics practices, such as: Catholic forms of prayer; how Catholics read and interpret the Bible; the sacraments; appropriate devotion to Mary and the Saints; the Commandments, virtues and precepts of the Church; appreciation of religious art; and Christian service (faith-in-action). In addition, the course includes “mini-sessions” reviewing the history of our school, the Holocaust, and reading about some of the Jesuit saints.




Students in the seventh grade will choose either Rotation Courses or Music Courses to complete their schedule.

Rotation Courses: Students will spend about one quarter of the school year in each of the following:

  • Art: Academy Art is an eight-week course for 7th grade used as an enrichment class in the visual arts. Students will learn about the place of the arts in human society and how artists from various times and places express themselves through art. Projects are planned to provide each student with the opportunity to use creativity and imagination. Various techniques are introduced so that students can be successful in creating their vision. The work of different artists will be introduced as examples of what can be accomplished using various art media. Students will learn about how the elements and principles of art work together and how to work in a studio environment.
  • Computer Applications: Covers the fundamentals of word processing and gives students an overview of the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Study Skills: Requires students to focus on goal setting, organizational strategies, time management techniques, and various learning methods.
  • Grad at Grad: Students are given an introduction to the "Profile of a Graduate at Graduation" and explore what it means to graduate from a Jesuit high school. The profile of a Grad at Grad encourages a graduate to be Loving, Religious, Committed to Doing Justice, Open to Growth, and Intellectually Competent.

Full Year Courses: Students have the option to select a full year music course.

Concert Band: This full-year course is open to students in grades 7, 8, and 9. This course is open to any student who wishes to learn how to play wind or percussion instruments without any prior experience. It is also for students who have only one or two previous years of band experience. Participation, improvement, and individual practice throughout the year determine grades. The students will also have a few chances to perform in various concerts held during the year. Prerequisite: Students will be required to purchase books and will be responsible for providing their own instrument. There is a $25 materials fee for this course.

Cub Choir: Cub Choir is open to all students who are interested in singing, grades 7-9. Participants will learn what it means to be a good choral musician. They will develop sound vocal technique, rehearsal etiquette, and sight-singing skills. They will explore basic music theory. Students will sing repertoire from many eras and genres. Further, they will develop musical vocabularies that will allow them to discuss music in any setting. There is a $25 materials fee for this course.

Varsity Singers Choir: This course is open to students in grades 8-12. The course will allow students the opportunity to perform a vast repertoire of music, including sacred, classical, jazz, barbershop, and contemporary styles. Sight reading and rhythm skills will be incorporated into rehearsals as well as the importance of developing sound vocal technique. Students are expected to increase their learning through participation in performances such as the Fine Arts Festivals, designated school social events, school liturgies, and a variety of opportunities in the local community. Prerequisite: By audition only There is a $25 materials fee for this course.




Students in the eighth grade will choose from the following to complete their schedule:

Introduction to World Languages: The purpose of the course is to offer Jesuit Academy students an overview of the three languages offered in the High School. With this foundation, they will be able to make a more informed choice of World language once admitted to the 9th grade. The course content will alternate between the grammatical and the cultural dimensions of Latin, Spanish, and Chinese. There will be a constant effort to make clear comparisons and contrasts with English in order to reinforce the students' English language skills.

Latin I / Chinese I / Spanish I: These courses mirror the high school Level I World Language courses - See Latin I, Chinese I and Spanish I in the World Languages Curriculum Guide. Prerequisite: Semester 2 GPA 3.5 or higher and recommendation from English teacher.




All 7th and 8th grade students will participate in Intramurals/Health daily during the free portion of their lunch period. This is either a lesson in health or an athletic activity or competition. This course is not graded.