Curriculum Guide - High School

English (4 Credits)

Mathematics (3 Credits)

Science (3 Credits)

Social Studies (3 Credits)

World Languages (3 Credits)

Physical Education/Health (1 Credit)

Technology, Media, and Communications (1 Credit)

Visual & Performing Arts (1/2 Credit)

Senior Service

*Electives are selected from courses offered in any department.

Course Selections
Students in grades 8-11 will meet individually with their counselors to discuss course requests for next school year. All students are required to take a core curriculum. Honors programs are available in English, World Languages, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.

Course selection worksheet can be found on the Academic Affairs webpage.

Policy for Enrollment in Honors and AP courses

There are limitations in the number of Honors and/or AP courses a student may have in his schedule. Families may discuss exceptions to this policy with their son's school counselor. Students selecting Advanced Placement courses are required to sit for AP exam as part of the course.

  • Sophomores are limited to two courses.
  • Juniors are limited to three courses.
  • Seniors may take more than three.

Balance is Key

In the Jesuit tradition, University of Detroit Jesuit has a diverse and demanding curriculum which will prepare your son for college level work after graduation. Here are some things to consider in helping your son determine what courses are right for him.
  • Special Interest in topics covered within a course
  • Aptitude in subject area
  • Meets the prerequisites of the course
  • Requirement for the college or university program he may pursue.

When considering Honors and Advanced Placement Courses:

First: familiarize yourself with the goals and anticipated work load
Second: consult with the School/College Counselors and the department chairperson.
Third: consider how many activities your son is involved in. These courses, by design, have even more rigorous demands than the college preparatory classes.
Rule of thumb - Carry no more than 2 Honors or AP Courses at a time. High School is about engagement, through the classroom, in service to others, and in participation in student activities. Overloading a schedule may result in higher stress levels and lower overall performance. Balance is key.