Academic Support in the Jesuit Academy

Extended Day Program is designed to academically support students having difficulty in any of the core academic courses. In an effort to provide academic support for academically challenging courses, the program targets students earning less than a "B-" average in a specific subject. This is an opportunity for our teachers and students to work in a closer and academically stimulating environment.

The Extended Day program is an extension of the school day and operates after school from 2:50pm to 4:00pm respectively. Tutoring in each course will be offered at least one day per week depending on the availability of the teacher after school. Tutoring in some courses may be offered up to four times per week. Jesuit Academy Extended Day Schedule

Extended Day mandates:

  • Students earning below a "B-" in a specific class or classes will be required to attend
  • Parents are welcomed to request admittance
  • Attendance is taken daily

Note: If your son is not required to attend and you would like him to receive additional academic support please email his teacher and request admittance into the program.

Assistant Principal's Study Hall runs Monday through Friday from 2:50 to 3:40. All Jesuit Academy students that use the U of D Jesuit busing system on a daily basis are required to report to study hall until the buses depart. All Academy students are welcomed to participate in study hall. Attendance is taken daily. Immediately following dismissal all students riding the bus must report to the Assistant Principal's study hall until the buses depart from U of D Jesuit High School and Academy.

Counselor's Study Group Ms. Kost-Cox's has a study group on Wednesday's and Thursday's, 2:50 to 3:40. All Academy students are welcomed to participate in study hall. Ms. Kost-Cox can also arrange One on One tutoring when requested.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact Mr. Teasdale at 313-927-2300