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Our School

Grounded in the Ignatian tradition, the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy stands as a distinguished all-boys Catholic institution established in 1877 in the city of Detroit. Catering to 800 young men spanning from our Academy level (seventh and eighth grades) to high school, our institution prides itself on its rich heritage and commitment to excellence in education.

Spanning two campuses, our main campus is located on South Cambridge Avenue and Seven Mile, while our secondary campus, known as The PARC, is nestled within the Johnson Recreation Center at 8550 Chippewa Avenue, a mere five blocks north of our main campus.

Beyond the rigorous academic curriculum designed to prepare our students for higher education, we embrace the integral development of each student outside the classroom. Faith remains the cornerstone of our students' daily experiences, fostered through prayer, reflection, and service. Additionally, we feature a robust extracurricular program, including 38 athletic teams across 14 sports and over 45 clubs, ensuring a well-rounded development for each student.

Embracing the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, our mascot, the tiger cub, symbolizes our collective identity as the Cubs, adorned in maroon, gray and gold representing our school's pride and unity.