The legend of the Wolf and Kettle dates back centuries to the Basque Country of Spain where the Loyola family lived. Legend has it that the family was so generous that they would leave food to feed the wild animals after feeding family, retainers and soldiers. This act of generosity inspired the creation of the U of D Jesuit Wolf and Kettle Fund and is also depicted on our school crest.

About Wolf and Kettle Fund

The Wolf and Kettle Fund was established to uphold the Jesuit value of cura personalis, meaning "care for the whole person". Accordingly, U of D Jesuit is dedicated to fostering the comprehensive development of each student, nurturing their mind, body, and spirit. As students transition into alumni, their most cherished memories at U of D Jesuit often revolve around shared experiences with their friends during events such as retreats, Kairos, service immersion trips, athletics, co-curricular competitions, band, orchestra, college visits, and more. Many of these activities involve associated costs that may pose a financial challenge for some students.

Why Donate?

More than 43 percent of our students are on tuition assistance to help support their academic success. To ensure that all students have the opportunity to engage in enriching experiences beyond the classroom, the Wolf and Kettle Fund was created. Its primary purpose is to provide students with the chance to participate in school activities without imposing a financial burden on their families. This initiative is designed to enable students to fully immerse themselves in the diverse offerings of a Jesuit education, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their involvement in transformative experiences.

Wolf and Kettle Day of Giving

While donating to the Fund is year round, a special Wolf and Kettle Day of Giving will be celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of March, the date closest to the canonization Ss Ignatius and Francis Xavier which is on March 12. The students do their part to raise money for student activities throughout the year, including the annual Pledge Detroit during the fall.


Our Donor Privacy Policy

U of D Jesuit treats donor information with a high level of confidentiality. We will not share, sell, or exchange a donor's information for third party fundraising, marketing, or information-gathering purposes. All donors will be given an option to "opt-out" of U of D Jesuit mailings, emails, or phone solicitations.