Supporting Ignatian Leadership and Academic Assistance at U of D Jesuit

U of D Jesuit has enjoyed more than 140 years of Jesuit leadership. Leadership marked by love for our students, devotion to our mission in Detroit, and our commitment to form men for others for the greater glory of God. This leadership style, modeled after St. Ignatius of Loyola, permeates the U of D Jesuit community. It shapes classrooms, administration, student activities, athletics, and retreats. It has guided us through all our formative institutional decisions.

To ensure this leadership style remains at the helm, U of D Jesuit participates in the Jesuit Schools Network Seminars in Ignatian Leadership. This three year program, designed for Jesuit high school employees, combines Ignatian spirituality, leadership theory, and best practices, to form leaders who will guide Jesuit education for generations to come.

Watch to find out how Ignatian Leadership Seminars Impact our Faculty and Staff.

Magis Ride donations help fund University of Detroit Jesuit faculty and staff participating in the Ignatian Leadership Seminars. With your help we can meet our goal to maximize participation by enrolling three employees every year.

Additionally, your donation can be directed to help fund the U of D Jesuit Magis Program for academic assistance. For seven years, the Magis Program has helped our students reach their full academic potential by establishing relationships, teaching academic responsibility, and daily tutoring.

Please make a donation by using the form below. If you would like more information on the Magis Ride, please contact Mr. Nick Rennpage at

About the 2019 Magis Ride

Last summer, we traversed the lower peninsula form Mackinaw City to Detroit. This year we’re taking on the Upper Peninsula. We’ll depart from Copper Harbor on July 23 and conclude the adventure 300 miles later in St. Ignace on July 26. St. Ignace, it stands to mention, was named for St. Ignatius and is hometown to our own Br. Jim Boynton, S.J. The route takes riders south though the Keweenaw peninsula before turning east after a killer climb at the south end of Keweenaw Bay. We’ll then ride across the heart of the UP, through the Hiawatha National Forest, and eventually head south to St. Ignace and the Straights of Mackinaw.


Onward, toward the Magis!