Delaney Sponsorship

Before embarking on an adventure, you must have a starting point. A home – a safe place to prepare. A place where you can grow and learn the confidence and skills needed to launch into the great world beyond Detroit. U of D Jesuit is and will continue to be that home for our boys.

We were asked to chair the 2018 University of Detroit Jesuit Scholarship Auction because we believe in the way “The High” prepares our sons for the adventure of a life well lived. U of D Jesuit is more than a school. It is more than a building. U of D Jesuit is a community where we share in preparing for our combined adventures underscored by foundational Catholic Christian values – For the Greater Glory of God, and in generous service of others. Our mission is to make an impact and a difference in our communities. These ripples of goodness extend to the ends of the world.

We ask you to join us in making an impact on our 2018 Auction Sponsorship Success. Did you or your son graduate with a Delaney? Memories of our gift gathering parties? Time spent in our basement? Sharing bagels around our breakfast table? Been shuttled to a dance or party in “the Van?” Shared mom moments, dad moments, or Dean of Student moments? If you answered yes to any or all of these experiences, we hope you will consider a donation to the “Delaney” special chair sponsor fund.

This fund celebrates the many adventures at our U of D Jesuit home by raising important scholarship funds, helping more people join our community and experience the blessings of being a student, parent or supporter of their life-changing education. We’ve set a high, but obtainable goal of $10,000, we need you to help us succeed and make this year’s 2018 Scholarship Auction one of the best.

Thank you in advance for your generous gift to help fund the adventures for future Cubs who in turn will become Men for Others.

God bless you,

Lorri & Dr. James Delaney III '80
2018 Auction Chairs