What decade of U of D Jesuit graduates has the most Cub Pride?

Alumni, parents of alumni, and friends are challenged to give back to The High to see which decade can achieve the highest number of donors.

What is the Cub Decade Challenge?

The Cub Decade Challenge is a philanthropic-spirited competition, where graduates from each decade compete with one another to raise money for the U of D Jesuit Annual Fund. Donating to the Cub Decade Challenge will allow us to develop the next decade of Cubs.

How does the Challenge work?

Seven decades of classes compete against each other in the First Round beginning March 9, 2020. The four decades with the most donors will advance to the Top Four round beginning March 23, 2020. Then, the two decades with the most donors will advance to the Championship during the week of March 30, 2020, with the winner declared on April 6, 2020. Classes in the winning decade will have bragging rights until next year's Challenge. The winning decade will be recognized at various alumni events throughout the year.

Why give?

  • You will provide tuition assistant to deserving young men
  • You can help strengthen academic programs to keep U of D Jesuit competitive

How much should I give?

The minimum gift is $18.77, in honor of the year we were founded. The more you give, the bigger impact you will have on a young man's life at The High.

Can anyone support my decade?

Yes. Parents of alumni and your friends can support your decade in the Challenge by making a gift. Send them the link www.uofdjesuit.org/Challenge to make a donation.

Take the Challenge!