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In recognition of the year our school was founded, CLUB 1877 challenges young alumni and current students to show their commitment to The High with an annual gift of $18.77. CLUB 1877 is open to young alumni from classes 2010 through 2019 and current students 2020 - 2025 as an affordable step into charitable giving. Your donation will support scholarship assistance for future Cubs.

Thank you to our current students who have joined Club 1877!

Jonathan M. Anderson '20
Trevon D. Devoe '20
Mario D. Hall '20
Miles N. Hickman '20
Christian Robinson '20
Fuzail N. Ahmed '21
Jordan C. Alexander '21
Frank J. Blackman '21
Kelton M. Cook '21
Henry J. Ghawi '21
Nicholas J. Love '21
Azola N. Martin '21
Mario A McCaskill '21
Braden J Quinn '21
Aaron L. Richard '21

Amon E. Roberson '21
D'Vontae L. Scott '21
Kellen S. Shows '21
Malcolm R. Teasdale '21
Broc A. Turner '21
River B. Ansah '22
Jordan C. Brantley '22
Raymond B. James '22
Tahei D. Witsil '22
Carlos Abunis '23
Khalil-Lullah W. Ballentine '23
Edgerrin M. Cross '23
Seth O. Haynes '23
Anthony A. Perkins '23
Ivan Blueford '23