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“Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, reminded us that we don’t get to choose our difficulties, but we do have the freedom to select our responses. Meaning, he argued, comes from three things: the work we offer in times of crisis, the love we give and our ability to display courage in the face of suffering.” -David Brooks of the New York Times

  • Listed below are just some of the parents, alumni, students, and relatives of the U of D Jesuit Cub community who are:
      • Offering their skills during this time of crisis
      • Showing Love for others in our community in a variety of ways
      • Displaying courage during these uncertain times

We are grateful to all the men and women for others. As a community, we are #CubStrong.

Hassan Karim '15 - Alumnus

"Hey UofD family. I greatly appreciate the support that you all have been giving alumni and families that are on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak. I myself am on the front lines as well from the UofD class of 2015."

Margot Abundis, MD - Cub Mom

Margot Abundis, MD her son is Carlos Abunis III '23

Brian Neville '06 - Alumnus - PA-C

Brian Neville '06 working the front lines at Henry Ford hospital


Chuck Gouin - Alumni Dad - CRNA

Chuck Gouin is a CRNA at Detroit Receiving Hospital, his son Max graduated in 2019

Dr. Philip F. Meyette ’94 - Alumnus - Physician

"U of D Jesuit gave me a great education and prepared me well for college and medical school.  God has certainly blessed me during my life.  I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve Him during this unprecedented time in history.  Please continue to pray for not only the essential workers but for an effective treatment for the sick individuals, a vaccine to prevent this illness, for families affected by this illness and for people to remain patient and understanding during this difficult time."


Dr. Brian Scallen ’96 - Alumnus - Emergency Physician

Ascension Providence Southfield/Novi -Thanks for all the support during these challenging times!


Michael Gamiao, MD  - Alumni Dad & Pulmonologist/Intensivist

Dr. Gamiao is on the frontlines at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia, Mich.  He is a pulmonologist/Intensivist caring for COVID 19 patients in the ICU. He is dad to alumni Jonathan '12 and James '20.


Dr. Eric Oermann '04 - Alumnus & Neurosurgeon

"Dr. Eric Oermann '04  is a neurosurgeon working in New York at Mt. Sinai hospital."


Jeff & Melissa Medici - Cub Parents

K9 Officer Jeff Medici and K9 Rudy, Providence Hospital.
Captain Melissa Medici, Southfield Fire Department.
Parents of Ryan Medici '25 U of D Jesuit Academy.


Stempin Brothers- Alumni

Jonathan '03- Detroit Metro (Police Officer K9)
Matthew '05- Township of Canton (Firefighter/Paramedic)

Dr. Keith Bellovich '81 - Alumnus and Alumnus Dad (Mac '16)

Keith is on the front lines at Ascension St John Hospital in Detroit where he is the Chief Medical Officer as well as Director of Nephrology. The staff at St John is so grateful for the support of the community as they navigate each day.


Riley Benson '14 - Alumnus

"Please pray for Riley Benson class of 2014. AVC last year. He is currently working at Troy Beaumont in the Emergency room. I pray constantly that he can remain healthy while surrounded by Covid 19. Thank you from the Benson family. Cub Strong!"

Dr. John Purakal '03 - Alumnus & Emergency Physician

"I'm class of 2003 and an Emergency Physician at Duke University Hospital and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine."

Ian Wolffe '09 - Alumnus & ER Charge Nurse

"Ian Wolffe (Class of 2009) is one of the charge nurses in the ER at Beaumont in Farmington Hills."

Dr. Helen Economy - Cub Mom & Pediatrician

"Working to keep children out of the ER."

Kristen Lotz - Cub Mom & Physician Assistant

"I am Connor Lotz's ('21) Mom. I am a Physician Assistant at Beaumont Hospital Troy. I normally do surgery but have been deployed to Beaumont Grosse Pointe in the COVID-19 screening tent. Please pray for us and pray that all of our boys are staying home and staying safe!"

Ben Vaughan '89 - Alumnus and Alumnus Dad - Sergeant Detroit Fire

Dr. Omar Young '00 - Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician


David Grantham - Cub Dad

"My husband David is one of the many essential employees at Michigan Medicine. Our prayers are for all the healthcare workers, grocery store workers, and essential employees on the front line every day. Parents of Devin ‘22 . - JoAnn Grantham"

Dr. Annette Fitzpatrick

"My wife, Dr. Annette Fitzpatrick is a professor of Epidemiology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Here she is entering the King County/Seattle Department of Health's Emergency Operations Center as part of the UW Epidemiological Surge Team for her weekend shift. - Kevin Fitzpatrick Class of 1971."

David Handley '89

Jeff Naeger '05

Tim Miller '95 - Alumnus & Cub Dad

Captain, Southfield Fire Department

Kendal and Stephanie Kinney - Cub Parents

"We work for Saints Incorporated a Non Profit organization that provides residential care at 27 locations for 108 developmentally disabled adults. We are a 24/7/365 organization. To date our customers and 180 staff are healthy and we praise God for it. Our child is Bryson Wade, he is a sophomore."

Chris Crader - Cub Mom

"Here I am, continuing to go in to work every day. I am a palliative care fellow at Karmanos. As you can imagine, we are helping other doctors make difficult choices and helping patients and family members cope with critical illness. This is not anything I ever anticipated having to confront. Prayers must be sent up for those affected and for the caregivers to stay healthy! Chris Crader, mom of Will '20"

Dr. Ashley Nosek - Cub Mom

"Please pray for Dr. Ashley Nosek ER Doctor at St. John’s Hospital and stepmom to freshman Cub Connor Nosek. She is on the front line everyday against this terrible virus."

Caleb Dorsey '25 - Jesuit Academy 7th Grade

Nick Pedicini '71

Dr. Jason Gumma - Cub Dad

"I am an ER doctor. I’m on the front lines working hard for you all! God bless and stay safe!

We don’t get to choose our difficulties, but we do have the freedom to select our responses.

-Viktor Frankl

Jamil R. Neme, MD '03 - Alumnus - Physician

Dr. Neme, alumnus of the class of 2003, is a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician and Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Reassigned to treat COVID patients in the hospital.


Eric Schwab - U of D Jesuit Athletic Trainer

Eric Schwab, Athletic Trainer for The High, has been redeployed along with his wife at the Henry Ford Health System in many different capacities. Currently he is doing the COVID19 swabbing at the main Henry Ford hospital. 


 Amy Wilkerson - Alumni Mom & PA

Amy Wilkerson is a PA caring for Seniors At Beaumont Commons in Farmington Hills. Her son Brent graduated in 2016.



Ricky Engel '16 - Alumnus

Ricky Engel, U of D Jesuit Class of 2016, currently a medical school student at Wayne State University, is volunteering at the Michigan State Fairgrounds Covid-19 testing sight.




Greg Losinski - Cub Dad & Police Officer

Cub Dad of Conner McCowell ‘21 , serving on the front line for the Clinton Township Police Department.

We don’t get to choose our difficulties, but we do have the freedom to select our responses.

-Viktor Frankl

Robert Schilp '21 - Current Cub

"My mom has been beekeeping as a hobby ever since we moved home from China, and yesterday we sold over 30 jars donating 10% of the profit to supporting the crowded medical system. We did not come into contact with our customers and many lysol wipes were used... U of D has built its reputation around giving to others and I thought I would build that reputation a little higher."

Owen '23 & Kaleb '19 Dorweiler

"We have a number of elderly neighbors on our street... Owen set up an electronic keyboard in one of their driveways and played for them. Kaleb (UDJ '19) even dusted off his trombone and joined in for a song... Owen is thinking he'll provide music for our neighbors at least once/week to lift their spirits, maybe even with his snare drum for added interest."

Bernadetta Marks - Cub Mom

"I’m a Clinical Laboratory Scientist working at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. My coworkers and I are performing various tests for COVID19 patients helping to fight this horrible virus. Mom of Oliver ‘23"

Neil Koreman '83 - Alumnus & Cub Uncle

"Neil Koreman ’83, alumnus and Cub uncle, teaching AP physics from his apartment in Chicago. Uncle of William ’22 and Henry ’23 Piskie. Thank you to all the teachers."

Noah Humphries '20 - Cub Senior

Staying strong with online studies.

Paul Bucchi '01 - Alumnus & ER Doctor

"Paul at one of the hospitals where his ER group provides services. He was the guy in charge of getting the CV triage tent set up."

Dr. Leanne Wisniewski - Pediatrician & Cub Mom

Pediatrician at Merrillwood Pediatrics in Royal Oak: "Working hard to keep our patients healthy and safe. Thank you to all of the first responders, healthcare workers and all of those who can’t stay home! Mom of Joseph ‘22"

Dowling Cub Family

Allison Dowling says for her Cub family it's "Family game night, every night!"

Shawn Townsend '90 - VA Nurse - Detroit

Bill McNair '88

"Front lines of the COVID-19 fight"

Chris Foerg '90

Ray Green '93

"Not front line, but an essential employee. Hats off to those who are on the front line."

Tim Besco '84

"Greetings from Austin, Texas. I'm working for Ascension Seton Hospital Northwest as an OR Circulating RN. Go Cubs."

Melissa Starrs - Cub Mom

"Physician Assistant-Troy Beaumont. Usually work in orthopedic surgery, but was redeployed to work the COVID-19 screening tent. Pray for us!"

Joe and Sara Gifford - Police Officer & ICU Nurse

"Please pray for Joe and Sara Gifford, sister and brother-in-law of Noah Mualem '22. Joe is a Detroit Police officer and Sara is an ICU nurse."

Mike Hemak ‘01

"Here’s a shot of me in my PAPR. I work as an doc in Northern California. Thanks for staying gone and washing your hands!"

Lucy Pullis - Cub Mom

"I am a Nurse Anesthetist at Harper Hospital in Detroit. Everyday a team of CRNAs (Certified Nurse Anesthetist) save lives by intubating patients that succumbed to covid 19. My co workers are my heroes!"

Esteban Miller, MD - Physician & Cub Dad

"I am a family physician working as a hospitalist caring for patients in the hospital. As the Chief Medical Officer for a small independent hospital, I work daily to prepare our hospital’s COVID-19 plan. - Esteban Miller, MD - Father to Porter MillerWright class of 2022."

Carter Gillis '00 and fiancee, Jodi

"My brother is Carter Gillis Class of 2000 and is a Paramedic working on the front lines. He is pictured with his fiancé Jodi, also a paramedic. Another one of my brothers, my Dad, my husband, and my brother in law are all alumni - we are a proud Cub family. Thanks, Jessie Brisbois"

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