Athletics Close Contact Requirements

1.     Verifiable/True close contacts (less than six feet for more than 15 minutes) will be subject to the following Quarantine Measures:


                                               i.     Asymptomatic

1.     Quarantine from athletics for 7 days and 

2.     Negative PCR test done no sooner than day 5

3.     Will return to athletics on day 8 if test negative

                                              ii.     Symptomatic

1.     PCR test to confirm

a.     If positive: Isolate from school and athletics for 10 days 

b.     If negative: 7-day quarantine and retest


                                               i.     Asymptomatic 

1.     Monitor symptoms closely for 14 days

2.     PCR test on day 3 or 4 after exposure

3.     May continue with activities

                                              ii.     Symptomatic

1.     Remove from athletic setting

2.     PCR test before returning to activities

2.     When close contact is NOT able to be verified:

a.     All athletes on the team with the positive case will be tested upon learning of the positive case. 

                                               i.     Testing will be conducted by U of D Jesuit medical staff in the form of a rapid antigen test.

                                              ii.     Athletes on the team must test prior to any practice or game once learning of the positive case.

                                             iii.     The team will test every other day up to the 7th day of exposure.

                                            iv.     If an athlete becomes symptomatic on a non-testing day, then he will be tested.

                                             v.     In the event of a positive rapid test, the athlete will sit out practice and be directed to get a PCR test. If the PCR is negative, the athlete may return to practice and school.

b.     The team with a positive case will complete daily health screening, completed by the coach verbally.

c.     If an athlete or athlete’s parent chooses not to test, then the athlete will be subject to a 7-day exclusion from athletics.

Click here to view Flow Chart of Covid Protocols for Athletics.