Daily COVID Dashboard (Positive Cases)

Positive cases are listed within 24-hours of reporting. Contact tracing has been initiated for all cases listed, unless indicated otherwise.


The management of Covid-19 is different from other viral illnesses. There is a specific number of days an individual diagnosed with Covid needs to isolate. Contact tracing is still required. Detroit Health Dept. guidelines for the school setting are:

  • Those diagnosed with Covid-19, regardless of vaccination status, must isolate and not attend school day 0-5.

  • If symptoms have improved and one is without a fever for 24 hrs, one may return to normal activities while wearing a well-fitting mask indoors for days 6-10.

  • Those deemed a close contact and who are fully vaccinated (or had Covid within the last 90 days) should monitor for symptoms and wear a mask indoors for 10 days post exposure.

  • Those deemed a close contact due to a school related situation (vs. a household exposure) and are not fully vaccinated:

    • Need to monitor for symptoms

    • Wear a mask when around others for 10 days post exposure

    • Can participate in a “Test to Stay” program rather than quarantine for 5 days

    • The "Test to Stay" protocol applies to in-person learning, not extra-curricular activities.

COVID Up-to-Date Information


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