Please be careful when comparing our COVID numbers to other schools that only report “school associated” cases. For the safety of our community, we report ALL COVID positive cases of students, faculty, and staff, which are deemed to be “school associated” or “non-school associated.” Furthermore, many schools only report numbers given to them by their local health department. We do not wait for the local health department to inform us of positive cases in our school. Through incredible cooperation with parents in our community, cases are reported directly to U of D Jesuit and we conduct the contact tracing and quarantining quickly for the safety of those in the building. Unlike many other schools, we report “school associated” and “non-school associated” positive cases to our local health department.

Daily COVID Dashboard (Positive Cases)

School associated and non-school associated positive cases are listed within 24-hours of reporting. Contact tracing has been initiated for all cases listed, unless indicated otherwise.

COVID Communications

COVID Up-to-Date Information


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