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The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy

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Parents and Students
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Mr. John Hansknecht

Class of 1978
Titles: Director of Technology

Mr. Edward Utter III

Class of 2010
Titles: Teacher, Dean of Instructional Technology

Mr. James Maier

Titles: Support Desk Technician

Mr. Robert Abraham

Titles: Basketball Coach

Mr. Michael Ackerman

Titles: Tennis Coach

Mr. Ylli Alla

Titles: Track Coach

Mrs. LaMona Arrington

Titles: Student Billing

Maureen Ayotte

Titles: Administrative Assistant, Administrative Assistant

Mr. Daniel Babcock

Titles: Teacher

Miss Jaime Badhorn

Titles: Swim Coach

Johnny Bates

Titles: Guard

Dr. Kathryn Beard

Titles: Teacher

Mr. Joseph Beldyga

Titles: Teacher, Cross Country Coach

Mrs. Holly Bennetts

Titles: Counselor

Mr. Rick Bennetts

Titles: Student Counselor, Hockey Coach

Ms. Sarah Biasello

Titles: Swim Coach

Mr. W. Nicholas Bickes

Class of 2000
Titles: Teacher, Soccer Coach

Mr. Michael Bindon

Titles: Teacher

Ms. Dana Blake

Titles: Assistant Principal for Academics

Mr. Derek Boatright

Titles: Soccer Coach

Mr. Keion Boone

Titles: Asst. Academy Football Coach

Mr. Nicholas Bowers

Titles: Football Coach, Wrestling Coach

Mr. James Bowker

Titles: Cross Country Coach

Mr. Randall Brewer

Titles: Freshman Football Coach

Mr. Robert Brewer

Titles: Freshman Football Coach

Mr. Carl Brock

Titles: Track Coach

Liam Brown

Titles: Novice

Ms. Melody Brown

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Mr. Robert Buchta

Titles: Teacher

Mr. Jeffrey Burton

Titles: Hockey Coach

Mr. Christopher Buryta

Titles: Teacher, Bowling Coach

Mrs. Anne Calice

Titles: Development Officer

Mr. Anthony Campana

Titles: Teacher

Mrs. Nancy Carapellotti

Titles: Teacher

Lawrence Carter

Titles: Basketball Coach
1 2 3 7 > showing 1 - 40 of 246 constituents