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U of D Jesuit Lacrosse is a dynamic part of the school's athletic offerings. U of D Jesuit Lacrosse is characterized by a strong sense of tradition and a focus on developing student-athletes not only as players but also as individuals. The program places a significant emphasis on the principles of Jesuit education, which include intellectual rigor, moral integrity, and a dedication to service.

Coached by a dedicated and experienced staff, the U of D Jesuit lacrosse team competes at a high level in regional and state competitions. The players are taught to embody values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline, making them not just skilled athletes, but also responsible citizens.

With a commitment to fostering a sense of brotherhood among its athletes, U of D Jesuit lacrosse helps students build strong bonds that extend beyond the field. The program's emphasis on community and personal growth ensures that the young men who participate in it leave with not only a love for the sport but also a solid foundation for future success.

The U of D Jesuit lacrosse program is not just about winning games but about developing character, leadership, and a deep understanding of the Jesuit tradition. It continues to be a source of pride for the school and a testament to the holistic approach to education that U of D Jesuit is known for.

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