Alumni Volunteer Corps

AVCs from the class of 2015 - Pictured left to right (top to bottom): Patrick Dery, Adam Bonventre, William Duffield, Kiernan Bloye, Jake Zelinski, and Tim Doman.

What is an AVC?

The Alumni Volunteer Corps (AVC) is a nine-month program covering one school year for graduates of U of D Jesuit or other Jesuit high schools. The AVC program provides the opportunity for alumni to use their talents and energies to benefit the U of D Jesuit community on a daily basis. The AVC program helps fill the needs of the school while offering young alumni the chance to be "Men for Others."

What does an AVC do?
AVC members develop a schedule which fits their interests with the needs of the school. The AVC program offers a unique opportunity to influence students in many different ways. The great teachers at The High, past and current, have affected each of us. Teachers such as Mr. Hafner or Mr. Coyne have changed the lives of thousands of young men. Now is your chance to do the same.

What are the benefits?

  • Free housing in a five bedroom home
  • Free utilities
  • Small living stipend
  • Wide range of work experience
  • The challenge to serve others
  • The chance to develop spiritually
  • The opportunity to be part of the excitement as U of D Jesuit and the City of Detroit grow

How does the AVC live?
AVC members live as a community in school-owned houses located near the campus. They share meals together regularly as well as household responsibilities. The AVC community also interacts with the Jesuit community on a weekly basis at the Jesuit Residence.

Who is eligible for the AVC?
Primary consideration will be given to graduates from U of D Jesuit. Secondary consideration will be given to applicants from other Jesuit high schools. All applicants:

  • must be a graduate of U of D Jesuit or other Jesuit high school
  • must have a degree from a four-year college or university
  • should be dedicated to a year of service and communal activities
  • should be willing to work with students, parents, faculty, and administrators
  • should possess the desire to challenge yourself both at work and at home

Apply to be an AVC



Mr. Kyle Chandler '99
AVC Coordinator
Phone: 313-862-5400

Past Members of the U of D Jesuit Alumni Volunteer Corps:

Andrew Barringer '03 Leo Gibson '93 John Moravek '98
Jeremy Bass '08 Michael Gibson '95 Dennis Morey '00
Mark Bealin '02 Andrew Goodman '97 Kevin Morin '98
Riley Benson '14 James Goodman '99 Brendan Moylan '09
John Bernard '10 Peter Guenther '92 Nicholas Mularoni '14
Jacob Best '12 Brett Guest '13 Oscar Olejniczak '91
John Cahalan '04 David Gumbel '00 Timothy Ossman '08
Richard Calice '97 Ralph Gunn '10 Edward Perozek (Toledo St. John's) '91
James Casey '91 Stephen Hansknecht '14 Michael Perrotta '95
Evan Cassar '12 Jake Hirzel (Toledo St. John's) '95 Isaac Piepszowski '12
David Cassleman '08 Peter Hayden '08 Andrew Pierce '07
Sean Cassleman '02 Andrew Hoff '04 Michael Porth '00
Paul Castelli '05 Joseph Jacobs '06 Brandon Porwoll '01
Jeffrey Cavanaugh '12 Jonathan Jorissen '98 Jordan Ramirez '09
Kyle Chandler '99 Joseph Kelly '91 Michael Raymond '07
Patrick Clancy '04 Daniel Kirkland '97 John Rhoades '03
Matthew Clark '98 Jonathan Kirkland '07 Andrew Riedy '05
Patrick Cleary '98 Aleksandr Kokoszka '98 Aaron Rife '11
Dominic Coccitti-Smith '04 Daniel Kolpasky '14 Jeff Rizik '10
Matthew Comment '14 Adam Kronk '98 Christopher Ruemenapp '09
Michael Costello '09 Andrew Lepczyk '12 Daniel Ruemenapp '07
Chris Dael '10 Brendan Lopus '14 Robert Runyan '02
Stuart Daly '92 James Louisell '99 John Shanley '10
Alexander Davidson '06 Daniel Maccio '08 Nicholas Stephanoff '02
John DeFour '05 Robert Maghielse '12 Jon Stevens '93
Jack Dekovich '03 Paul Mansoor '01 Matthew Tisdel '11
John Donnelly '99 Joseph McCarthy '92 Louis Turner '06
Matthew Dorsch '01 James McClain '02 Michael Van Tiem '05
Warren Dubitsky '00 Daniel McElgunn '99 Edward Ward '95
Brendan Dunleavy '11 Duncan McGuire '09 Peter Walle '11
Brian Dunn '92 Matthew Milewski '93 Joseph Ward '01
Keith Farrugia '05 Jacob Mikula '07 Marc Wautelet '14
Anthony Fattore '10 Michael Miller '92 Zachary Weaver '09
William Fattore '11 Rob Mills '10 Justin Westlund '00
Michael Fox '03 Stephen Monette '07 Thomas Willis '95
Michael Gavin '95 James Moravek '96 Christopher Wilson '05
Daniel Yezbick '91