Alumnus of the Year

The distinguished Alumnus of the Year honoree is acknowledged at the annual Alumni Senior luncheon, a tradition that began in 1987.

This award is presented to an alumnus who sets and achieves exemplary standards for himself personally as well as his chosen fields. To be nominated for the award, an alumnus must meet the following criteria: His outstanding loyalty and support of U of D Jesuit serves as an example to all members of the U of D Jesuit Community. He has distinguished himself through outstanding achievement in his chosen field or profession. He uses his talents and skills for those in need, consistent with the theme "Men for Others." He serves as a positive role model for U of D Jesuit students through consistent application of high moral and ethical standards. Nominations for the award should be sent to the Alumni Office for consideration. Contact Jack Donnelly '99, Director of Alumni Relations, at 313-927-2304 for more information.

2019 Alumnus of the Year - Tom Capo '69

Tom Capo '69 was honored as Alumnus of the Year for 2019 at the 32nd Annual Alumni Senior Luncheon on April 17, 2019.

Read Tom Capo's Remarks to the Seniors and Alumni

Tom Capo ’69 – Alumnus of the Year – Remarks at the Alumni Senior Luncheon on April 17, 2019

I am proud to be a member of the finest alumni in the world and I am honored to be here today. This room is filled with many alumni equally deserving of this honor. U of D Jesuit alumni are always passionate and generous in support of this great institution and its students.

So, I am accepting this award on behalf of all the alumni.

Quite frankly, I was surprised to be recognized for this award. As a student with a 2.8 GPA and a record number of Saturday Jugs, graduating from U of D Jesuit was a surprise! But you know the Jesuits… They never give up on anybody. And for that I will always be grateful.

U of D Jesuit certainly made a huge difference in my life. The Jesuit Experience prepared me to take on the challenges of life and be successful in many endeavors. Through interaction with the faculty and the other students, I learned to adapt to change, be open to ideas, think critically, and act confidently.

You too are fortunate to have had one of the finest educations in the world. The study, critical thinking, and communication skills you learned will give you a huge advantage in college. You will find, as I did, that you are more prepared for the rigors of university study than most incoming freshmen.

And the value of your education will take you well beyond the diploma.

The U of D Jesuit experience gave you the opportunity to discover a lot of things about yourself. Through your interaction with students from all ethnicities and backgrounds, you have been exposed to great diversity of thought and perspective.

Dedicated faculty and staff have instilled in you a sense of curiosity and a passion for learning.

Honed by spiritual teachings, example, involvement, and reflection, you have developed Confidence and Strong Character. You have learned Humility and Empathy. You know what it is to have a Sense of Duty. You know the importance of Inclusion and treating all people with Dignity. You know the value of Loyalty and Respect for others. Any you leave here with a Strong Moral Compass.

It will take you a lifetime to fully appreciate the value of these gifts.

And now you are prepared to go forward and take on life’s opportunities and challenges.

Opportunities for you will be many. Talent is scare. Take advantage. Jump in the deep end. You are better swimmers than you know. Don’t be a spectator. Make mistakes. I certainly made my fair share. We know how to fix them. And that’s how we continue to learn.

The Challenges you face are great. Income Inequality. Existential Stress. General Malaise. Fake news. What is true? Divisive politics. Just to name a few.

Nobody is better prepared than you to take on these opportunities and challenges. You have all the tools. We are counting on you to do a better job than we have done.

And above all… Respect others and treat all people fairly. Always cherish Family, Faith, and Friends. And, of course, never lose your Sense of Humor.

It is now my pleasure to welcome you, the Class of 2019, into the ranks of the finest Alumni in the world.

Listed alphabetically below are the individuals who have been recognized with the honor of

Alumnus of the Year.

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Eric Ayers '80Butch Hollowell '77Ed Parks '57
Tim Babcock '60Mario Iacobelli '56Tom Payne '47
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Charlie Batcheller '54Frank Jerneycic '66Jerome Petz '33
David Bayne '35Jeff Jorissen '63Val Pieronek '35
Bill Blackwell '73Larry Joseph '66Dick Pieronek '44
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Walter Booker '80Howard Keating '38Mitch Pieronek '42
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Michael Brennan '38Dan Kelly '53Bernie Powell '30
Lawrence Britt '29Bill Kovacic '70George Reno '40
Dave Buchanan '57Dick Krajenke '40John Rhea '83
Frank Canfield '54Ed Kronk '64Ron Rice '90
Tom Capo '69John Kruse '44Don Sarin '53
Malcolm Carron '35John Langan '57Paul Schafer '28
Mike Cavanagh '58Elmore Leonard '43Carl Schmidt '37
Con Chapman '51Mike Leonatti '54Richard Schroeter '33
Thomas Conlan '30Raymond LeVeque '18John Schwarz '39
Jim Conlan '33Marshall Lochbiler '14John Shepanek '54
Guy Consolmagno '70Pat Longe '51Ed Shumaker '31
William Cooney '31Paul Louisell '67Gene Simon '43
Tom Coyne '62Art Loveley '31Toby Small '59
Jack Curley '63Hubert Maino '23Clarke Smith '60
Jim Curran '62Sal Malek '67Steve Snider '65
Walter Czarnecki '61Dan Malone '71Joseph Starrs '26
Bob Delonis '70John Malone '44Celestin Steiner '16
John Desmond '63Dave Marantette '26Rudy Stonisch '48
Terry Desmond '59Larry Marantette '67Bob Storen '58
Moe DesRosiers '55Bill McBrearty '19Bill Swain '40
Dan Devine '52Jack McCabe '38Father Sweeney '30
Tim Dinan '83Brian McCabe '44Jerry Tannian '53
Jim Dingeman '34Jim McDonald '57Rick Tarnas '68
Dave Doherty '54Pat McKeever '57Mike Tenbusch '87
Larry DuMouchelle'52Dick Measelle '56Paul Teranes '54
Tom Eckert '66Edward Miotke '16Jim Thompson '55
Charles Fellrath '25Jim Montie '64Mike Timmis '57
Robert Finley '22Frank Moran '36Ron Torina '65
Alfred Fisher, Jr ‘38George Morris '34Andrew Valenti '44
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Edmund Gallagher '33Jerry Mularoni '47Larry Wisne '66
John Gregg '74Joseph Mulligan '61Vern Witkowski '37
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Edward Harrigan '22Tom O'Keefe '64Mel Woodbeck '29
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