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Arrupe Learning Center

Named after Fr. Pedro Arrupe, one of the most influential Jesuits of the 20th Century, The Pedro Arrupe Learning Center is the hub of all levels of academic support and success at U of D Jesuit.

Directed Study Class
Students enrolled in this class are given the gift of time. One period a day is carved out for them to work on homework, study for quizzes and tests, work in groups, receive one on one tutoring, practice study skills, organize, and learn self-advocacy – all under the guidance of veteran educators. Weekly grade checks, goal setting, time management, and tutoring are important elements of this class. 

Learning Specialist
Recognizing that the face of education is changing and that students arrive at U of D Jesuit with many learning styles and differences, we offer the services of a Learning Specialist to act as the bridge between students, families, and teachers. The Learning Specialist manages accommodation plans for students with diagnosed leaning differences – making sure that the expectations for accommodations are clear to students, parents, and faculty alike. In addition, the Learning Specialist meets with students, parents, and teachers to come up with plans and strategies for academic success. 

MAGIS Lunchtime Tutoring
Knowing that there are inevitably bumps in the road, we offer the MAGIS Tutoring Program. In Jesuit tradition, MAGIS is a term that simply means “more”. In this case we mean more time, more effort, more support, and more accountability. After each marking period, students deemed to be at academic risk will spend their lunch with veteran teachers who will work with them to get back on track.  

Mentors for Others
A primary focus of Jesuit Education is to create “Men for Others”. To that end, we offer the “Mentors for Others” program where upperclassmen are given the opportunity to share their hard-earned wisdom and experience with 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. The Learning Center staff will make connections between students based on interests, personalities, and shared experiences. 

After School Study
The Pedro Arrupe Learning Center is open
Monday -Thursday until 4 p.m. and Fridays until 3:30 p.m. Students are welcome to stop by and get help, work on homework, study, or have their planner checked.

English Department Writing Lab
In each of the lunch periods, a dedicated teacher from the English Department is posted in the Madia Center (Library) to work with students on their writing. Students can brainstorm and plan an essay or engage in the editing process with proofreading and revising.


Daniel Spilker

Daniel Spilker

Student Academic Support
Jeffery Hill

Jeffery Hill

Learning Specialist