Graduate at Graduation

These are some of the Characteristics of Jesuit Education at U of D Jesuit:

  • Educational excellence: U of D Jesuit focuses on a college preparatory curriculum. Students are challenged to develop their academic skills in order to be successful in college.
  • Care for the individual: The school assists students in their individual needs, with an attention to the total growth of the person.
  • Faith Development: The school supports the faith development of students in three ways.
    • Theological study and reflection through classes
    • Spiritual growth through opportunities for prayer, retreat, and the sacramental life.
    • Opportunities for Service and active attention to issues of Social Justice.
  • Social development: The school provides opportunities for students' social development through cocurriculars and other activities.

The Society of Jesus sponsors or operates a network of over four hundred Jesuit secondary schools throughout the world. Education is part of the Society's Christian mission to form Men of Faith and Men for Others. Ever since the first Jesuit secondary school was founded in Messina, Italy, in 1548, Jesuit education has been a "preparation for life" and, "for eternal life."

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