Born in Detroit - Our decision to stay

U of D Jesuit was "born in Detroit" in 1877 and remains in the City of Detroit today.
University of Detroit Jesuit is the oldest continuously operating high school in Detroit. Founded in 1877, it has educated young men to be – “Men for Others” – through academic excellence, faith, character formation, and community service for almost 150 years. It remains Metro Detroit’s most ethnically, geographically, and culturally diverse school. 


On January 20, 2017, U of D Jesuit commemorated the 40th anniversary of both the decision to stay in Detroit and affirming our school’s educational priorities. On January 20, 1977, then-school President Fr. Douglas Keller, S.J. announced the decision to “remain in the present location” on West Seven Mile Road. In addition, he affirmed our educational priorities of faith, academic excellence, community service, as well as racial and socio-economic diversity of the student body. Our success today as a premier educational institution in Michigan is founded on the courage of this decision.

Many people have shared their testimonials, which we have posted below, to these questions. For alumni, faculty, and friends, what does it mean for you that U of D Jesuit remained in Detroit? For parents of graduates and current students, how did the school’s commitment to remain in Detroit affect your son’s educational and social experience?

Video Interviews with Alumni

Bob Ellis '66
Dan Malone '71
Don Carney '66
Bob Magill '61
Jerry Mangona '96
Kirk Metzger '96
Vivek Jayaraman '91
Rick Joseph '86
Peter Ziedas '71
Frank Brady '66
George Taylor '66
Harold Sweeney '51
Jerry Pikulinski '56
Frank Mercurio '61
Tom Plofchan '81
Tom Schroeter '66
Jonathan Marceau '96
Paul Daoust '66
Michael Gage '61
Dennis Galvin '71

Reflections on the Decision to Stay in Detroit