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Welcome to University of Detroit Jesuit

Br. Jim Boynton, S.J. - President

We are founded on the more than 470-year-old Jesuit educational goal of forming men for others for the Greater Glory of God. Our graduates are leaders in their communities; they strive to be competent, religious, loving, open to growth and committed to justice.

When you meet our graduates, you will find that they are leaders: in the business world, in the arts, in religious life, in politics, in the sciences and technology, in sports, and especially in the community. It is a goal of our school and of Jesuit education to prepare our young men to be leaders-- to engage the world, not just to observe it.

As you encounter our students and graduates, you see that they are well rounded and confident as they strive for the magis, excellence in all things. This is part of the Jesuit goal of "cura personalis," the formation of the whole person: mind, spirit and body.

A U of D Jesuit graduate has learned to feel compassion for the victims of injustice and has a sense of urgency to implement societal changes which will assist such victims in protecting their rights and human dignity. He is involved in public service and feels an obligation as a Christian to participate in the building of a humane, civic and ecclesial community in a way that respects the pluralism of that community.

We offer this kind of education because we want our students to do well, but also to make a difference in their world. When the first Jesuit schools were founded more than 470 years ago, their goal was to do God's work, to work with others for the good of all in the service of the Kingdom of God. Jesuit education helps students to realize that talents are gifts to be developed, not for self-satisfaction or self-gain, but rather, with the help of God, for the good of the entire human family. "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam," for the greater glory of God.

Br. Jim Boynton, S.J.
University of Detroit Jesuit