The Trinity U of D Jesuit Scholarship Fund was created by Paul and Susan Venegas in honor of Paul’s 1968 U of D Jesuit classmates. The new scholarship is an endowed fund with the purpose of providing tuition assistance to young men who graduate from Detroit’s Most Holy Trinity Catholic School and attend high school at U of D Jesuit.

Mr. Venegas graduated from Most Holy Trinity in 1964 and received his high school degree from U of D Jesuit in 1968. Venegas said, “The similarities between the two schools are that both U of D Jesuit and Trinity made the commitment to stay in the city of Detroit. Both schools stayed through the rough times, and are doing well now.” By donating to this scholarship fund you will help families provide their sons with a seamless quality Roman Catholic education starting at Most Holy Trinity and continuing through U of D Jesuit. Thank you for your generosity.