Cub Notes

NEW - Freshmen & Sophomore Family College Meeting on January 18

Dear 9th and 10th Grade Students and Parents:

Each year at this time the College Counseling Department invites freshmen, sophomores, and their parents to start considering some of the aspects of college admissions in order to be fully prepared to officially begin the process when junior year arrives.Many decisions made during the first two years of high school will directly and indirectly affect the college selection process.In light of this, our department feels that the sooner we can get this information to both the students and parents the better.

Information Letter

NEW - Winter Honors Ceremonies - Janaury 26

Winter Honors Ceremonies take place on Thursday 1/26.

  • Period 1: Sophomores: 8:00am - 8:45am
  • Period 2: Juniors: 8:50am - 9:35am
  • Period 3: Seniors: 9:40am - 10:25am
  • Period 4: Freshmen: 10:41am - 11:26am
  • Period 8: 8th Grade: 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Dana Blake, Academic Affairs Assistant Principal

NEW - Music Man Ticket Order Information - February 23-26

Tickets are now available for the Music Man, U of D Jesuit’s musical production. The show takes place February 23-26 at Thurston High School in Redford, Michigan. Online sales will launch soon at If you would like to reserve your tickets now, please complete the ticket forms that are attached. Please note, there is a group ticket rate for Thursday and Sunday. If you have questions, please reach out to

Four Ticketed Events from the " Let's Hear It for The High!" Auction. One Coming Up This Weekend

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for supporting Let’s Hear It for The High! on November 12, 2016. The evening was a smashing success!

We wish to remind you there are four ticketed events in which you can still participate in even if you could not attend the Auction.

Please review the four events attached and contact Kathy Larabell-Renaud in the Auction office for more information or to reserve your tickets. or 313-927-2332

Don’t miss out on the fun and please invite your friends!

Semester 1 Exams: January 10 - 12; Schedule Information, ASP information. No Classes on January 13 - Records Day

Semester 1 Exams

Tuesday, 1/10:
Social Studies

Wednesday, 1/11:

Thursday, 1/12:
World Languages
Language Arts

Friday. 1/13:
No Classes - Records Day

Bus Schedule for the Semester 1 Exams - Early Dismissal

Remember Exam days are Early Dismissal Days. Here is the Bus Schedule for those days: 1/10, 11, 12.

Martin Luther King Day Holiday, January 16 - NO SCHOOL

Semester 2 Classes begin on Tuesday, January 17

Be sure to check your class schedule so you will not be late for your classes.

140th/40th U of D Jesuit Commitment to Mission; Commitment to Detroit on January 20.

UDJ Community,

On January 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM in the school gym, the U of D Jesuit Community will celebrate an All-School Mass commemorating our 140th year, as well as, the January 20, 1977 announcement for U of D Jesuit High School to remain in City of Detroit.

We would also like to invite you to celebrate mass with us that day. Thank you for taking part in our celebration.

We would love to hear from our parents on the following question:

How does the School’s commitment to remain in Detroit affect your son’s educational and social experience?

Please send your response to Tom Totte ’74 at,

Placement Test Dates for AP/Honors Classes for Next School Year 17/18: English, World Languages & Social Studies


Please review the attached information flyer for dates for the following classes: Honors English 2, Honors English 3 & AP English; AP Spanish; AP Government & Modern European History.

More information is available on the School Life/Academics link on the UDJ website. The dates on the website are from last year's testing.

Winter Driving Reminders from UDJ Transportation Department

Parents & Students,

Please review the attached Winter Driving Reminders from the UDJ Transportation/Security Department.

LOST & FOUND Cleanup every 2 weeks on Friday

The lost and found, located in the SAO will now be cleaned out every two weeks. Please stop by to see if anything belongs to you.

Bus Transportation Information for 2nd Semester 16/17

Dear Parents or Guardians:

U of D Jesuit High School and Academy is pleased to announce we will be continuing bus transportation service for the second semester of the 2016-17 school year. To pre-order bus passes, you can find the on-line registration form on the school’s website. Due date for 2nd semester registration is Friday, January 6, 2017. Students will pick-up their pre-paid passes during winter exams in the Transportation Office. After January 18, 2017, one way passes may be purchased in Cub Corner; semester passes may be purchased in the Business Office.
Informational Parent Letter
Bus Transportation Registration Form

Due to the closure of the Barnes and Noble bookstore on the Northwest route, the new pick up and drop off location is moving across the street to the Boardwalk Shopping Plaza by the SMART bus stop sitting area. This location is on the east side of Orchard Lake Road north of 14 Mile Road and allows for safe pick up and drop off of students.The pickup and drop-off times will remain the same.

Robert E. Swanson
Director of Security

Mothers' Club News

ATTENTION MOTHERS’ CLUB MEMBERS (every mom whose son(s) attend UDJ is automatically a Mothers’ Club member)!

ATTENTION MOTHERS’ CLUB MEMBERS (every mom whose son(s) attend UDJ is automatically a Mothers’ Club member)!
The Mothers’ Club needs your help. The Mothers’ Club hosts many activities and events throughout the school year. Your dues help us to financially support all of these events and activities. We ask, if you are able, to please complete 2016-17 membership form the form and submit your dues. Check the Mothers' Club website for more information.

Check the Mothers' Club website for more information.

Dads' Club News

For the most up-to-date information about the U of D Jesuit Dads’ Club, visit our website here.

Athletic News

Welcome to the UDJ Athletics Website will find much information.

Find all the forms needed at: Forms & Packets

Please remember to join the CUB CLUB:
CUB CLUB Application for 16/17

Building Hours for 16/17 School Year


The building officially opens for students at 6:30 AM. Students may enter through the Atrium doors at this time. Students should remain in the Atrium until the 7:30 AM bell.

The Visitors' entrance will open at 7 AM and close at 3:30 PM daily. The visitor entrance will not be open on weekends.

The Main Entrance will open at 7 AM and close at 8:15 AM daily. Students arriving after 8:15 must enter through the visitor door, sign in the log book, and report to the Student Affairs office for a late pass.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Robert Swanson, Director of Security, 313-862-5400 x2340 or via email at Thank you.

ROBERT E. SWANSON, Director of Security

Reminder for DROP-OFF & PICK-UP of Students

Parents and Guardians:

It appears that some of the drivers who pick up and drop off students are becoming lax with the process that is in place. As a reminder: Flyer


  • When dropping off students in front of the Atrium, drivers should pull all the way forward to the sign (DROP OFF ZONE) before stopping to discharge the student.

  • There are two lanes. Drivers should remain in their lane until they leave the property.
  • Once you come to a complete stop in traffic, have your son exit the car regardless of where you are. This way, when the driveway in front of you clears, you can pull straight through without making a second stop.

  • Students should be ready to immediately exit the car when it stops. Any conversations or repacking of book bags or equipment should not be done in the drop off lanes but rather done in the parking lot. PICK UP
  • When lining up before the exit bell:
    Please be sure your son is coming out once the bell rings. If for some reason he does not come out, please move out of line and into a parking space in the main lot and wait for him there. These traffic lines should move fairly quickly but become very congested when we have a couple of cars that are waiting for students who are not exiting the building in a timely manner.

  • After 3 PM:
    If you are coming to pick up your son from athletic practice, Jug, ASP, or an after school co-curricular, please use a parking space to wait for your son to arrive. Parking your car and sitting in your car while in the moving lanes blockading the flow of traffic is very rude. Also leaving your car, even for a few minutes, while you run inside causes more congestion and frustration for our staff as well as other drivers.

  • When you are in line and the car in front of you moves up, please pull up and if possible, pull all the way to the sign (DROP OFF ZONE). This affords other drivers the opportunity to pull forward and pick up their student. Working cooperatively together we can improve this process for everyone. Thank you for your support and understanding. As always, any questions or concerns please direct them to me.

    ROBERT E. SWANSON, Director of Security

3 Ways to Donate to U of D Jesuit

Shopping and donating to UDJ:

The Three Ways to donate: Each of these programs involve online registration in order for U of D Jesuit to receive the donations.

Please see the printable attached flyer with all the information. Any questions please email Katie Sznewajs or call: 313-927-2325

Scheduled Days Off in Early January

January 13 - No Classes - Records Day
January 16 - No Classes - Martin Luther King Day

Campus Ministry News Update

Enhanced Driver's Licenses/Passports
When the time comes, we encourage all of our families to obtain either an Enhanced Driver's License or a Passport for their son. Many of our retreats, particularly for our Juniors and Seniors, take place in Canada. The preferred documentation for US Customs is either the Enhanced Driver's License or Passport. Although Birth Certificates (originals only) will work, it is more difficult to cross the border with birth certificates than with enhanced driver's licenses or passports. Contact Campus Ministry at (313) 927-2390 with any questions or concerns.

Joseph Gall, D.Min., Director of Campus Ministry

Ignatian Service Office News

News from the Ignatian Service Office

Corktown Corner will officially open on Tuesday, September 6, 2016! For those that are new, there will be bins in the lobby of the upper atrium, outside of The Office of Faith and Service for you to donate new or gently worn clothes, shoes, blankets, hats, scarves, etc. When the bins are full, we then deliver the items to the clothes closet at Most Holy Trinity Parish in Corktown. Corktown Corner will be open until Friday, May 26, 2017.

Please contact me if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your participation!

Todd Wilson, Director of Ignation Service Office or 313-927-2349

FocusHOPE Permission Slip for 16/17.

UDJ Families:
Please consider participating in this Saturday’s Focus:Hope delivery. All are welcome to come help us pack and deliver food to 55 Seniors.
◾We leave U of D Jesuit at 8:30am.
◾Pack food at the Focus:Hope warehouse on Oakman Blvd.
◾Then deliver the boxes of food to senior citizens in the Warren Apartment Complex downtown.
◾We are usually back to U of D Jesuit by NOON.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Wilson, Director of Ignatian Service at 313.927.2349.

School Counseling News - SAT Registration Update

SAT Registration: Please register EARLY for any of the test dates. Since the SAT is now the standardized test that all Michigan public school students need to take, the test sites have been filling up quite fast. Test Dates & Deadlines

The school counselors are here to assist and guide the students through the school year.

The Counselor/Counselee Roster for 16/17 school year. ****************************************************************************************************************************
Support Groups: School Counseling offers support groups for Grief and Divorce

Standardized Tests Coordinators for ACT, Pre-ACT, SAT, PSAT and AP exams:
ACT - James Hassett, 313-927-2318
Pre-ACT - Rick Bennetts, 313-927-2317
PSAT - James Hassett 313-927-2318
SAT - Durand Miller 313-927-2322
AP EXAMS - Durand Miller 313-927-2322

Student Summer Opportunities at U of M AnnArbor

University of Michigan Summer Programs for Middle School and High School Students:

Hello Cubs! Ms. Hudson from the College Counseling department attended the University of Michigan’s Summer Opportunities Fair yesterday, November 17th and wanted to share all of the amazing opportunities that she learned about with all of you! There are incredible summer programs for middle school and high school students (7th – 11th grade)! Please see this link to explore all possible opportunities and to get more information about how to apply:

Thanks so much!!

Heidi Hudson, M.A., SCL, LLPC
College Counselor

College Counseling News

Did you know College Counseling is on Twitter and Facebook?

Follow us at UDJCollegeCounseling: @UDJCollCoun for information related to College Admission!

Follow our page: U of D College Counseling

College Counseling website

Safety/Security Deparment News

Drivers who are using Roselawn street for dropping off or picking up there son are reminded to use care when on the residence side of the street. Our neighbors do need access to their driveways, want their trash emptied when the containers are in the street, and do not appreciate chunks of sod being pulled out of their lawns when students open and close car doors. Printable Information

  • Roselawn is also an emergency route and should not be blocked at any time.
  • We recommend that drivers drop off or pick up their sons in the Main lot or on Cherrylawn street.
  • Due to the volume of traffic exiting to Roselawn, the fewer vehicles on that street the better outbound flow of traffic we will have.

    Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Robert E. Swanson

Traffic Pattern 16/17

Access to the main parking lot and Middle T driveway will continue to be from W. Seven Mile. At the intersection of S. Cambridge, you may turn either left to exit via Cherrylawn or right and exit via Roselawn. Students can be dropped off or picked up on S. Cambridge when using either exit and the parking lot areas. Visitors may park in either of these areas. Printable Traffic Pattern Information.

Visitor entry will be at the southwest corner of the building at S. Cambridge and Cherrylawn. There will be designated visitor parking spaces on S. Cambridge. If those fill, parking is available in the Cherrylawn parking lot.

Please do not leave your car unattended (even for a minute) if it is not parked in a designated parking space. The driveways are all emergency access points and need to be able to be cleared immediately if needed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Robert Swanson, Director of Security, at 313-862-5400, x2340, or via email at


The Cub Corner is open for the school year.

New Hours for 2016
Monday 11:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday 11:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm

We will also be open during New Parent Orientations, and Mother’s Club meeting.

Morning Mass in the Chapel

Mass in the Chapel will be celebrated at 7:25am every day.

Transportation News -Emergency Contacts for the Busses

Dear Parents:

U of D Jesuit has Transportation Service available at a very economical cost for your son to ride to and from school. There are routes coming from the East, West, Northwest, and North.

On the UDJ website, click on the “Quick Links” tab and then click on “Transportation” for more details.

If you have any questions regarding your son's bus, please contact Trinity Bus Service at the numbers below.

Emergency Contacts:
In the event of an emergency or if a bus is not at the location at the designated time, please feel free to contact Trinity Transportation dispatch at:

  • East Route:
  • North, West, or Northwest Route:
  • The dispatcher will be able to contact the driver and determine when the bus will be at your location.
  • Please understand the bus cannot wait past its designated departure time if you are running late.

Robert E. Swanson, Director of Security & Transportation

Technology Department Recycling Reminder

UDJ Community, Help the school - We are collecting phones and toner/ink for recycling.

Just a reminder that the Technology Department is collecting used printer ink/toner cartridges as well as your old cellphones! Return items to the IT department. Items returned are shipped to a recycler and the technology department earns funds to use toward school technology purchases. Any questions please contact John Hansknecht

*** Have a connection at a business??? *** Please put them in touch with us and we can arrange for them to receive free boxes with postage pre-paid to send in their items and the funds will also go to U of D Jesuit!

Your assistance in supporting this program is welcome!!!

Regards, John Hansknecht

Mailboxes for Mothers' Club, Dads' Club, Athletics, and Business Office located in Atrium

Mailboxes for Mothers’ Club, Dads’ Club, Athletics, and Business Office located in the Atrium
The mailboxes for the Mothers’ Club, Dads’ Club, Athletics, and the Business Office are located in the Atrium next to the Security Desk. These mailboxes can be used at any time for dropping off correspondences for these departments or clubs during the day and on weekends. NO CASH should be deposited in any of these mailboxes at any time. CASH should be delivered to the appropriate department or Business Office.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Robert Swanson, Security Director

TIPS Reporting Tool for the UDJ Community

Cub Families,

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all of our students, faculty and staff. Our normal protocol is for parents or students who have concerns about incidents that might occur or have occurred to contact one of our school administrators (Principal, Anthony Trudel; High School Assistant Principal Student Affairs, Kyle Chandler; Academy Assistant Principal Malcolm Teasdale; etc.) and report the concern.

If you or your son does not feel comfortable using our normal protocol, we have also added the “TIPS” anonymous reporting tool at U of D Jesuit High School and Academy.

TIPS is a web-based incident reporting and incident management prevention platform. This tool was not intended to replace the usual reporting methods we have (phone call, email, face to face conversation) but is another way that you may feel more comfortable in reporting an incident or suspicious incident you are aware of. For more information see attached printable flyer.

Robert E. Swanson, Director of Security

Online Volunteer Sign-Up

You may go on-line to volunteer for events at UDJ by following the link that was sent to you in the Back to School e-mail.

Any questions please contact: Kit Louisell. Volunteer Coordinator at 313-927-2335.

Senior Off-Campus Lunch

One of the added privileges of Senior year is having the opportunity to eat lunch off-campus during Period 6. In order to take advantage of this privilege, the following criteria must be satisfied:

~Have a GPA of 2.80 or higher from the previous mid-term or semester grading period.

~Cannot be on any level of Disciplinary Probation.

~Cannot have five (5) or more unexcused lates or have more than three (3) disciplinary referrals.

~Must have completed the online emergency information form for 2016-2017 marking yes for Off-Campus privilege, and saving the information by clicking the Submit button.

Students are also reminded that they are not permitted to return to campus with any outside food or beverages.

Cafeteria Information

The cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch, and after school on regular school days.

FLIK Independent School Dining (FLIK) provides the food service for U of D Jesuit. FLIK is a family-style company that strives to offer healthy, locally sourced, nutritious meals for our students.

To review the weekly menu go to and type in UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT JESUIT.

After School Program (ASP)

Dear Parents & Students,

The After School Program (ASP) has begun for all 7th thru 10th graders waiting for their rides. The After School Program runs from 3:30 pm till 5:30 pm and the cost is $6.00 per day. For more details see the Information Flyer from the BACK to SCHOOL Information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 313-927-2307.

Sharon Morey, ASP Director

MealTime Program

The U of D Jesuit Student ID card also serves as the cafeteria debit card. Our cafeteria debit card system, MealTime, provides you with a way to deposit money into your son’s account that he can use for purchases in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. (This does not work with the vending machines.) The ID/debit card is swiped at the register at the time of purchase and the cost of the purchase is deducted from your son’s account. For information on how to add funds to your son's MealTime account, click here.