Learning Specialist

Contact Information: Dawn Schulte
313-862-2333, ext. 2333

My Role at U of D Jesuit:

  • Determine student eligibility for accommodations and maintain U of D's Accommodations List
  • Provide individual and small group instruction and academic support
  • Recommend learning strategies to meet student's specific needs
  • Provide consultation and in-class support to teachers
  • Provide consultation to parents and administrators
  • Provide academic support to students in Arrupe Learning Center

Accommodations are provided for any student who has documentation on file form a licensed psychologist or neurologist that indicates that he would benefit from an accommodation. The following documentation is required to determine eligibility for accommodations:

  • A Psycho-Educational Evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist that includes measures of academic and intellectual functioning
  • The evaluation must provide a current DSM IV-R diagnosis and stipulate in its "Recommendations Section" that the student would benefit from the accommodation.
  • The evaluation needs to have been completed within the last three years

Extended time for tests:

  • Should preferably be taken in one sitting after school. This ensures test equity.
  • If taking the test in its entirety after school is not possible, the test may be taken in two parts - one part given during class and the second part during a free period during the day or after school.
  • Extended Time tests must be completed within one school day, never over two or more days.
  • A student must have been added to the Accommodations List at least two weeks prior to semester exams to receive extended time on those exams.

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