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40th Anniversary Celebration Mass

January 20, 2017 will mark the 40th anniversary of U of D Jesuit's to stay in Detroit. In commemoration of the event, U of D Jesuit will be celebrating a Mass on January 20 at 10 AM in the Gym. All are invited to attend.

Application Deadlines Approaching

Deadlines for students applying for the 2017-2018 school year are fast approaching! Please make sure to turn in forms and applications by the required date.

Schedule a Cub for a Day Visits

Cub for a Day Visits have begun! As a Cub for a Day prospective students will have the chance to experience a typical school day with a current student and travel to all of his classes. Contact the Admissions office today to schedule a visit.

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Did You Know?


Tuition assistance awarded by U of D Jesuit for 2016-2017


U of D Jesuit students receive tuition assistance

65 mins

Longest student commute from all over the Metro-Detroit area


900 students from 70+ communities

“Our prime educational objective is to form ‘Men for Others’ for the greater honor and glory of God”

Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

U of D Jesuit’s commitment to service and justice cannot be matched. Community service and outreach have played an integral role in our students’ education.

“U of D Jesuit's diversity, in addition to its high standard of education, is what sets it apart.”

David Bindon '15

“I’m proud to say that the quality of Jesuit education still persists. Your parents make huge sacrifices to make sure you can get the kind of education you get from the Jesuits. Be grateful. Take advantage. You will find that is of enormous value to you in all kinds of occasions later in life. This a wonderful opportunity…and I beg you to take advantage of it. “

Rep. John Dingell

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